Why aren't I getting an email code to login?

Check your junk or spam folder first. The codes do expire after 10 minutes, so you'll need to attempt again and get a new code if it’s been past that time.

Why isn't the text code to verify my existing number coming through?

You need a US or UK mobile number to verify - we don't currently send verification texts internationally or to landlines. Additionally, some carriers have blocked toll free calls or messages (our codes come through a toll free number).

Can you call me with the text code instead when logging in?

Yes! Once you enter your number, the following screen gives you the option to submit a text code, or request a voice call with the code instead.

I have to give my credit card information when signing up, I thought this was free?

Chalkboard is free to sign up and try. Since we charge users through the App and Play store, they collect your payment information once you begin the trial but only start charging you after the trial period. It’s easy to cancel before then if the app wasn’t what you hoped it would be - without getting charged.

I'm trying to login but it's telling me my phone number is linked to another email address.

The most likely reason for this is, you verified your phone number with a different email address than the one you’re trying now.

If you happen to know another email address you might have used previously to sign up, give that a try. If not, reach out to us with your business name or phone number and we can help.

I don’t have an existing phone number. Can't Chalkboard give me a phone number?

Chalkboard provides a 2nd number just for work - so you’ll need an existing mobile number from the US or UK to verify against in order to get assigned a new work number and use the app.

Why aren't I receiving verification texts from third party apps?

Since third party apps (like WhatsApp or Instagram) have their own delivery services and policies, we can't guarantee delivery of these codes. We've seen them come through successfully in many cases, but it's not something we can promise.

Can I choose my own area code (US numbers)?

Yes, you can type to search for any US area code during number selection.

Can I change my Chalkboard number?

At the moment, we don't offer Chalkboard number changes as we do have to purchase each number on our side. We of course make exceptions to this if there's a major issue with your current number, so please reach out to us if that's the case.

I am from another country and want a US or UK number to use. Can I use Chalkboard?

You’ll need an existing mobile phone number from the US or the UK to use Chalkboard. We hope to be in your country soon!

Why does it say “Chalkboard” when I send a test text?

Short answer, it will only show that if you’re texting your own number. Longer answer, when you join Chalkboard, we create a contact in your phone called “Chalkboard” with our logo. This is so when someone calls your Chalkboard number, it’s crystal clear that it’s a Chalkboard call incoming. So, if you’ve texted your own phone number, the text will appear as coming from your Chalkboard contact. This won’t be the case for texting your customers - your messages will just show your Chalkboard number.

Why does it announce who is calling when I pick up the phone? Can I turn it off?

Our call announcement feature was meant to help make the auto reply feature reliable. It also provides some form of caller ID, since Chalkboard doesn’t currently support showing the caller’s information on your phone screen (but it does show it within the app). As of now switching it off would mean we’d need to switch it off for all users and many users do rely on it. But, we’re working on a feature that would mean individual users can opt to switch this off.

Do you use VoIP or offer it as an option?

No, we don’t at the moment. We opted to avoid VoIP for now, because it makes call quality much less consistent. Since our users are running businesses, we favoured using cellular service for all calls. VoIP is something we continue to consider. Find out what mobile data or network coverage Chalkboard needs.

Do I need Wi-Fi to use Chalkboard?

No, you don’t. At a minimum you’ll need cellular service to use Chalkboard. Find out what mobile data or network coverage Chalkboard needs.

I missed a Chalkboard call, but I don’t see it anywhere in the app. Why?

There are certain rare and specifically timed situations where the caller hangs up before Chalkboard can register the information in the app. This is a known issue and we're doing our best to make sure this never happens.

If you notice this happen to you, reach out to us with as much information as you can (time and date of call), and we’ll do our best to help.

Can I make outgoing calls?

On our iOS app, yes! Outgoing calls on the Android app are coming in February 2022.

Do outgoing calls cost me extra money on my phone bill?

We use your current cellular plan, so placing calls will be the same pricing as a normal call you’d make from your existing number. These are not VOIP calls, so if you do have limited minutes on your mobile plan, you’d see extra charges as if you were making calls with or without Chalkboard.

Find out what mobile data or network coverage Chalkboard needs.

Do I need to use Chalkboard on a device that has an existing number/cellular service?

If you want to receive calls, yes.

If you were to login to your Chalkboard account on a Wi-Fi only device, you'd be able to text. However, incoming calls would come through to the device that’s got cellular service and tied to the number you verified (a different device than the Wi-Fi only device you're signed in on and texting from).

If you want to make outgoing calls (now on iOS, coming soon to Android), you’ll need to use Chalkboard on the device you verified and that has cellular service. Learn more about what mobile data or network coverage Chalkboard needs.

If I port my number into Chalkboard, does that mean it will no longer belong to my carrier?

Yes, that is what it means. It varies carrier by carrier, but this will likely mean your current mobile plan will be cancelled - or they'll offer you a new number.

As a reminder, you do need cellular service to make and receive Chalkboard calls. Our app isn't a replacement for cellular service - it provides a 2nd number on top of an existing plan and number.

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