Why aren't I getting an email code to login?

Check your junk or spam folder first. The codes do expire after 10 minutes, so you'll need to attempt again and get a new code if it’s been past that time.

Why isn't the text code to verify my existing number coming through?

You need a US or UK mobile number to verify - we don't currently send verification texts internationally or to landlines. Additionally, some carriers have blocked toll free calls or messages (our codes come through a toll free number).

Can you call me with the text code instead when logging in?

Yes! Once you enter your number, the following screen gives you the option to submit a text code, or request a voice call with the code instead.

I'm trying to login but it's telling me my phone number is linked to another email address

The most likely reason for this is, you verified your phone number with a different email address than the one you’re trying now.

If you happen to know another email address you might have used previously to sign up, give that a try. If not, reach out to us with your business name or phone number and we can help.

I don’t have an existing phone number. Can't Chalkboard give me a phone number?

Chalkboard provides a 2nd number just for work - so you’ll need an existing mobile number from the US or UK to verify against in order to get assigned a new work number and use the app.

Why aren't I receiving verification texts from third party apps?

Since third party apps (like WhatsApp or Instagram) have their own delivery services and policies, we can't guarantee delivery of these codes. We've seen them come through successfully in many cases, but it's not something we can promise. See our information about receiving verification codes.

Can I choose my own area code (US numbers)?

Yes, you can type to search for any US area code during number selection.

Can I change my Chalkboard number?

Yes, if you decide you need to change one of your Chalkboard numbers because it's no longer needed or because you have number quality issues you can remove a number in seconds straight from the app.

I am from another country and want a US or UK number to use. Can I use Chalkboard?

You’ll need an existing mobile phone number from the US or the UK to use Chalkboard. We hope to be in your country soon!

If I port my number into Chalkboard, does that mean it will no longer belong to my carrier?

Yes, that is what it means. It varies carrier by carrier, but this will likely mean your current mobile plan will be cancelled - or they'll offer you a new number.

As a reminder, you do need cellular service to make and receive Chalkboard calls. Our app isn't a replacement for cellular service - it provides a 2nd number on top of an existing plan and number.

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