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24 Oct 2022
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Business phones: EE mobile vs O2 mobile – Which is best?

A detailed EE vs O2 comparison, along with a business-friendly option that can work along with EE and O2
EE Mobile vs O2 Mobile

Being two of the four main mobile operators in the UK, EE and O2 are two names you would come across if you’re in the market for a new business phone. While choosing a personal phone is pretty straightforward, deciding on a business phone requires a more detailed approach.

In this EE vs O2 guide, we compare the two networks in terms of price, data, coverage and customer service.

EE vs O2 for business: Price

While comparing mobile deals, pricing would naturally be a major factor for business owners and freelancers. EE and O2 business phones have several price plans including pay-as-you-go, pay-monthly, SIM-only, laptops, tablets, smartwatches and mobile broadband plans.

The two providers have comparable prices for their SIM-only plans. When you take offers off the table, you’ll see that O2 offers better value at the lower end of the spectrum. But EE’s plans come with more data at the upper end.

If you go with EE business phones, you would only get the latest handsets such as the iPhone with its high-end plan. O2 business phones tend to have more flexibility on tariff and separate the price of your device and airtime. So, once your minimum term expires, you don’t have to pay for the device and only pay for the allowance.

O2 also has custom plans that allow you to select how much you would want to pay initially and divide the remaining cost over your contract duration. The device part of the contract won’t be affected by any price rise.

In pay-as-you-go, an EE vs O2 comparison shows that both have bundles of calls, data and texts that you can buy with your credit under similar costs. But O2 is preferable if you’re looking for a plan where you only have to pay for what you end up using.

EE vs O2 for business: Data – Speed and limits

If you’re comparing EE vs O2 on speed, then the former with its 4G network is the clear winner. The first to launch 5G in the country, it has a superior presence across cities and towns. Since 5G works along with 4G, there is greater connectivity and reliability.

But you do need a 5G phone to enjoy the super-fast speeds that can reach 100 Mbps. This can potentially go up to 1Gbps once the network is rolled out. O2 is relatively slow when compared to EE. But you have to check out the speed of the networks in your area before you decide on one.

EE vs O2: Network coverage

When comparing business mobile contracts, along with the price, you should always check their coverage. EE has better coverage with its LTE service covering 99 per cent of the population.

The network’s 4G coverage is expected to cover 95 per cent of the country by 2030. O2’s 4G network covers more than 99 per cent of the population indoors. The company is trying to increase its coverage in the country to 88 per cent.

As the EE vs O2 analysis of coverage shows, EE has a lead in the areas it covers. But as always, it’s better to check the coverage in your area including your office, residence and wherever else your business might take you.

EE vs O2: Customer service

A good business phone needs to provide uninterrupted access to existing and potential customers. O2 has always had an edge in customer service and this is confirmed by the regulator Ofcom’s latest survey. More than 91 per cent of their customers are happy with the company.

This isn’t to suggest that EE is far behind. 92 per cent of their customers are satisfied with their service. It should also be noted that both EE and O2’s number of complaints per 100,000 customers is below the industry average.

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