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Business mobile phone deals in 2022: How to get the best one available

Here’s how you can get the best business mobile phone deals for your business in 2022
Business mobile phone deals

A business mobile phone can significantly improve your customer engagement and internal collaboration. It’s also a perk for your staff, which will help you retain your employees. But how do you find the best business mobile phone deals in 2022?

While a good business phone should be feature-rich, it should also suit your budget. That’s why, when searching for business mobile phone deals, along with the features, you should also look at how to save money on your business phone deal.

Top tips for saving money on your business phone deal

These are some of the more effective ways in which small businesses can save money on business mobile phone deals.

Consider whether you want a contract phone

There are several benefits to a long-term business mobile phone contract. But the biggest disadvantage is that you will end up paying more in the long run. You may also have to pay for mid-contract price increases.

A SIM-only deal would make better sense if you can afford to purchase the phone. You’ll have a better idea about your future payments. Since there are several 30-day contracts, it would also be easy to switch providers.

Pay only for the data you need

In business mobile phone deals, it would be tempting to choose a package with high data. But before you go for it, it’s smart to ask whether you actually need so much data, especially if have an internet connection in your office or residence.

Remember that you may not think about the excess data that gets wasted. So, the right thing to do is to analyse your daily and monthly data usage and then choose a plan that delivers it.

Negotiate for a better deal

It’s always good to negotiate with your existing provider and demand a better deal. But before you do that, compare available deals and figure out how much you would save with another contract.

This is also the time to bring up any issues that you may have with your current provider. If you have had an experience of terrible customer service or if you have patchy coverage in your area, you might be able to lower the price or add more data to your business mobile phone deal.

Know your roaming charges

If your business involves travel, you should know how much you will be paying for phone data while roaming. Keep in mind that as a result of Brexit, several major telecom providers have added new roaming charges for Europe.

Find out from your provider the precise roaming charges since they can vary from company to company. This is another reason to pick the right business mobile contract that would suit your usage.

Look beyond the big providers

Even now, many people believe that they only have the big four networks to choose from. But the business of telephony has dramatically changed. There are VoIP providers that can better address your needs and give you scalable and affordable solutions.

You might find better options than what you would find in your normal business mobile phone deals. Top-rated virtual numbers are remote-friendly, affordable and loaded with more business-friendly features.

Things to look for with a good business mobile phone deal


The number one factor for small businesses should be value for money. That’s why you should compare deals and only opt for features that your team needs.


You want your business to be always accessible to your customers. Make sure that the business mobile phone you get will offer reliable coverage with good download speeds.

Customer support

You don’t want to call multiple numbers or send emails if you have a problem. You can check out the quality of customer support by calling them and asking about details of the contract, for example.

Can I get a business mobile deal for my business?

You can get a business mobile deal for your business regardless of your size. For small and medium enterprises, business mobile phone deals offer standardised services and stability. Larger firms can negotiate customised business mobile phone deals for their teams.

Chalkboard: Cheaper alternative to a business mobile contract

Looking for an affordable, flexible and feature-rich business mobile phone deal? Look no further than Chalkboard, a second line for work that’s built for the needs of today’s small businesses, startups and independent creatives.

Here’s why Chalkboard is a superior option to traditional mobile phone contracts:

  1. You don’t have to get a new device. Chalkboard is an app that you can use on any connected device.

  2. You get an exclusive number for work. Now you can organise and separate your professional and personal communication.

  3. You get business tools. Chalkboard gives you auto-reply for calls you can’t answer, group broadcast and enhanced chat for sharing promotional messages and number-sharing for greater collaboration.

  4. You get an affordable business phone. Select from any of the affordable plans and scale up as your business needs grow.

Download Chalkboard and try it now.

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