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The small business guide to the virtual phone system

An explanation of virtual phone systems, their advantages and how small businesses can benefit from them
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To handle the increasing number of calls, more and more entrepreneurs are looking for digital solutions. If you too are interested in a call answering service for your small business, a virtual phone system should top your list. It’s a modern, digital and elegantly user-friendly solution that will immensely benefit small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Even if you haven’t thought about a call answering service for small business, in all likelihood, you want a better system to handle your calls. An in-house receptionist is expensive and getting a virtual receptionist or a business answering service can be complex. The solution? A virtual phone system.

What is a virtual phone system?

A virtual phone system is a cloud-based phone system that works over the internet. You can receive and make calls using your internet connection without using the traditional infrastructure. That’s why they’re also referred to as online phone systems.

What are the advantages of a virtual phone system?

Unlike an ‘offline’ phone system, a virtual phone system doesn’t require you to buy an additional device or SIM. You can also make and receive calls from several devices including your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

There are several other advantages to a virtual phone system like auto-reply texts and voicemail.

When should a small business consider a virtual phone system?

As a small business owner, freelancer or solo contractor, you should consider a virtual phone system if you identify with any of the following statements:

  • “All my personal and business calls come on the same number and it gets confusing”

  • “I wish I had a number only for business that I could share with my clients and vendors”

  • “Whenever I come out of a meeting, I’m shocked at the number of calls that I’ve missed”

  • “If I don’t put my phone on silent mode, it will keep interrupting me whenever I’m working on something important”

  • “I get so many spam and robocalls because I end up sharing my number with everyone”

  • “It ruins my family time when I’m forced to take work-related calls”

  • “I’m worried about my privacy since I share my number with everyone”

  • “I wish I could get a new number without having to buy a new phone”

What are the advantages of a virtual phone system?

  • A second line for work: As a virtual call answering service for small business, it gives you a new number that you can exclusively use for work-related calls.

  • No additional device needed. You don’t have to buy a new smartphone to get an additional number. This saves you money and effort.

  • Device-neutral: Some virtual phone systems allow you to take a virtual call from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You won’t be putting additional pressure on any particular device, draining its battery and performance.

  • Ease of access: You can download a second-line app and get started in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to insert a SIM or worry about backing up or moving your files.

  • Auto-reply text: Some virtual phone system providers will let you create auto-reply texts for missed calls. The caller would get a customised text explaining why you can’t take the call and assuring them that you’ll get back to them.

  • Voicemail: You can also set up a business voicemail to greet your callers professionally. This will give callers the right first impression of your business.

How you can use a virtual phone system

You can use it as your business number and for specific business purposes. For example, if you make it your customer support number, your customers will be received by a professional voicemail that will tell them where they can seek help.

You can also use it to direct people to get in touch with specific team members. It can be your default communication mode during off-hours or when you’re with your family.

In short

As a call-answering service for small business, a virtual phone system is a scalable, low-cost solution that can give businesses the professional communication they need. Now the smallest of businesses can sound professional, credible and efficient with this elegant solution.

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