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What are business call answering services?

The benefits of business call answering services, along with a smarter, tech-led alternative
Business call answering services

When starting out, it’s easier to answer your business calls. In the early days of a new business, there usually aren’t many customers or clients, so you would want to – and have the time to – receive them. But as your business begins to grow, it might be time to have a business call answering service.

Some small business owners and freelancers believe that a business call answering service is only needed for medium and big enterprises. But the truth is that a business call answering service has the potential to allow your business to grow.

What is a business call answering service?

It’s a service that will handle all your business calls and messages on your behalf. Anyone calling your number would be routed to the service where they will take the call and forward the messages to you. With a business call answering service, you get a receptionist without having to employ one in your workplace.

Why do you need an answering service?

There are several benefits of using a business answering service for businesses of all sizes.

Your business will look professional: The agency will professionally answer the call, without making the mistakes that most people make when answering business calls.

You’ll be able to focus on your core tasks: You won’t be repeatedly interrupted by phone calls. So, you can concentrate on the more important aspects of your job that will more likely impact the bottom line.

You’ll save money: Every interruption will cost your business. Plus, if you were to hire a receptionist, it will cost you money to search for them, pay them a salary plus other benefits.

Your callers will get immediate responses: One of the reasons businesses still use answering services is because they reduce the wait time for the caller. A customer or client will be able to leave a message for the concerned individual and arrange a prompt call back.

Types of business answering services

Virtual receptionists: They will attend to your calls and respond to common queries with the information that you give them. Most virtual receptionists also take care of routine tasks such as scheduling appointments.

Payment processing: This is a more specialised type of business answering whereby they will help initiate, remind and complete payments for your business. They can complement your sales team and help them focus on other aspects.

Customer support: These answering services would handle queries from customers, offer technical support and direct them on the next steps or connect them with the concerned individual.

Second-line apps: A smarter alternative

Before you start comparing business call answering services, you should know that second phone numbers are a credible alternative. These apps can deliver a range of value-added features:

  • You can set up auto-reply texts to missed calls. You’ll be able to respond to a missed call with auto-reply messages and not miss that business opportunity.

  • You can set up voicemail. Through a professional voicemail, you’ll be able to either provide immediate resolution or direct the caller to the concerned team member.

  • You make significant savings. You don’t have to buy a new device or SIM. Unlike business answering services, all you have to pay is a flat fee.

  • You can set it up easily. With a business call answering service, you might need some time for it to be operational according to your guidelines. With a second line app for work, you can get started in minutes.

In short

A business call answering service is a great solution for medium and large enterprises. For startups, small businesses and freelancers, a second line app is a more effective and functional solution.

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