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The 5 best free texting apps for small businesses

With these free texting apps for small businesses, you can engage better with your customers and grow your revenue
Best free texting apps for small businesses

Texting is one of the most effective ways to connect with customers because it’s a direct and easy-to-use medium. Since it’s easy to manage, it’s the medium most suited to small businesses. With free texting apps, the day-to-day of running a small business has become easier.

Free texting apps are among the popular mobile-friendly apps for small businesses. Using any of these free messaging apps, you can improve customer engagement, reduce complaints, and deliver better experiences.

What businesses should look for in free texting apps

If you’re using a free texting app for personal use, all you need are individual and group chats, audio and video calls with the ability to attach files.

But for business use, you would require additional features. The best free messaging apps for small businesses let you organise your contacts and allow you to send group broadcast SMS. So, it’s always a good idea to look for business features and advanced automated tools in a free messaging app.

5 free texting apps for small businesses and freelancers


Why should you settle for an ordinary free texting app when you can get all the functionalities of text messaging along with a world-class virtual number? Chalkboard gives you all the communication tools a small business would need. With the free trial, it has never been easier to use this messaging app plus an automated marketing tool.

You get a second line for work that lets you organise your business contacts. With group broadcast, you can send messages to your customers without typing them out manually. Chalkboard also gives you review aggregation and management. The app automatically sends online review requests to your customers, which helps build your brand reputation.

Why small businesses should consider it: Made for the specific needs of small businesses, Chalkboard combines texting and marketing features with affordable plans.


The most popular free texting app in the world, WhatsApp sees billions of messages on its platform every day. The reason behind WhatsApp’s popularity is its exceptional ease of use. Most of your customers will be familiar with the app and its various features.

WhatsApp lets you chat and share voice messages, photos, and videos. You can also create groups in this encrypted app. There’s a version of the app, WhatsApp Business, that’s aimed at small business owners and comes with additional features.

Why small businesses should consider it: Incredibly easy to use and safe, it comes with a clean and simple interface.

Facebook Messenger

If you were to compare Facebook Messenger and SMS, you’ll realise that the former comes with a host of enhanced features. You can chat with individuals or make groups in the app.

With Facebook Messenger, you can make both audio and video calls. The app also allows you to send photos, videos, audio messages and even lets you capture media through Messenger Camera.

Why small businesses should consider it: The group functionality and its integration with the Facebook ecosystem.


The default app of the startup world, Slack is easy to use and is custom-made for communication within businesses. If you’re looking for a free texting app to collaborate with team members, monitor projects and assign tasks, this should be your app.

Slack lets you make one-on-one audio or video calls. Using both private and public channels, colleagues can share information about the status of their projects. Another advantage of Slack is that it integrates well with other business apps.

Why small businesses should consider it: The best app for internal communication but not customer engagement.

Microsoft Teams

The new version of Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams enables internal communication with storage of up to 10 GB. It has also improved several issues that Skype for Business had, such as disappearing chats.

You can make calls and send messages through Microsoft Teams and also access online Office apps. There is unlimited storage on the free version of the app.

Why small businesses should consider it: If you use the Windows suite of products, this is ideal for internal communication.

Chalkboard: The best messaging app for business

If you’re looking to reach more customers and market your products, Chalkboard should be your go-to app. Along with all the benefits of a messaging app, you also get a virtual number that will help you to separate your work and personal lives.

Chalkboard's auto-reply and working hours features are made specifically for the needs of small businesses. Try it for yourself; download Chalkboard today. 📲

Add team numbers to any phone
Keep work separate, personal numbers private, and share calls and texts with your team 🚀
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