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Top WhatsApp Business features that will elevate the customer experience

These WhatsApp Business features can significantly improve your customer outreach and engagement
WhatsApp Business features

A WhatsApp Business number allows you to directly interact with customers. This type of personalised marketing is highly beneficial, especially for small businesses. When you learn how to use WhatsApp Business features, you’ll find it easier to get more customers and grow your business.

WhatsApp Business is a tool specifically created for small to medium-sized businesses. By using WhatsApp Business features, you can launch a business, reach new customers and by pairing it with a virtual app, get the best of both worlds.

Why WhatsApp Business is good for small and local businesses

The primary benefit of WhatsApp Business is personalised communication. You get to interact with potential and existing customers on a one-on-one basis. This allows you to tailor unique offers and answer their questions directly. You can use WhatsApp Business to share information about your products, offer time-bound discounts and manage customer complaints.

For the customers, the biggest advantage is familiarity. Since it’s a platform with more than two billion users, most people are already familiar with the platform, making it one of the easiest mediums for businesses to use.

Top 7 features small businesses should use on WhatsApp Business

You don’t need to be a technical expert or have a digital marketing agency to make your WhatsApp Business number work for your business. With these seven WhatsApp Business features, you’ll be able to reach, acquire, and retain more customers with ease.

1. Quick replies

With quick replies, you don’t have to type out individual answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. These could be “When does your store open?” or “Do you have any deals for the day?” You can save the answers and reuse them whenever you get such a query. When the platform suggests replies, press “/“ and then select the answer.

2. Auto greetings

A WhatsApp Business feature that can make your business look professional and friendly is auto greetings. The platform allows you to set a greeting for new users or those contacting you after two weeks of activity. To set up auto greetings, go to Settings, then Business Settings and tap on Greeting message.

3. Auto away message

You can use auto-away messages for those customers who contact you after working hours or during holidays. You can go to Settings, then Business settings, and then Away message. There you can tap on Activate away message. Other than editing, you can also schedule your message by choosing from Always send, Custom schedule or set it for after work hours.

4. Contact labels

WhatsApp Business allows you to organise your contacts with labels. This makes it easy to search for your customers or business contacts. To add a new label, tap on the menu on the chat page and click on New label and then Save. To add a label to a new WhatsApp Business contact, tap on the menu on the chat, select a label and Save.

5. Catalogs

Got a new range of products? Use the catalog feature in WhatsApp Business to showcase them. Instead of individually sharing products with their price and description, you can batch them in catalogs with all the necessary information. Customers will be able to easily browse the products without having to go to your website.

6. Interactive messages

One of the most customer-friendly WhatsApp Business features is interactive messages. By activating this, you can show buttons as replies for customer queries. Your contacts won’t have to type out the answer, which will make conversations faster and easier. You can also add call to action (CTA) buttons which can direct customers to websites or to make a call.

7. Facebook Shops integration

Since it’s from the Meta family, you can also integrate your WhatsApp Business number with other apps. Facebook Shops lets you design personalised shopping experiences and shorter user journeys. For example, someone visiting your Facebook Shop will be able to send you a message on your WhatsApp Business number.

Chalkboard: The second-line app to use alongside WhatsApp Business

There are several benefits to using a second-line app like Chalkboard for WhatsApp Business. To begin with, you get a second line for business. You can use this number to make calls and send messages and use it for WhatsApp Business since the app requires a dedicated number that hasn’t been registered before.

You can organise your contacts and just like WhatsApp Business, use Chalkboard’s advanced messaging for conversational marketing. Check out our guide to using a Chalkboard number with WhatsApp Business.

Download Chalkboard today to get a dedicated and business-friendly number for WhatsApp Business.

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