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Softphone for business: 9 key softphone features

Switching to a softphone for business? These are the key features you should look for
Softphone for business

Switching to a softphone for business is one of the smartest decisions you can make to optimise your communication. But that is just the first step. An equally important aspect is ensuring that your new phone has all the features you need.

If you are a small business, you probably won’t need many of the more advanced features. So why pay for features that you are never going to use? Focus instead on finding a softphone app that fits your business needs and, importantly, budget.

In this article, we look at the top features you should consider when looking for a softphone for business.

What is a softphone system for business?

A softphone is an application that you can download on any connected device to make and receive calls and send texts. You don’t have to buy an additional device. All it needs to work is an internet connection. Since the software is hosted in the cloud, they are also referred to as cloud phones.

Softphones use VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol technology to connect callers. With a separate number for work, employees can separate their work and personal communication and achieve work-life balance through softphones.

9 key softphone features for small businesses

If you’re considering getting a softphone for business, these are the nine essential features you should look for.

Easy setup

With top-rated softphones, you’ll be able to download the app and start using it in minutes. If the signing-up process is complex or if it takes a while, it’s not a reliable service.

Free trial

If a softphone is a new communication system for your business, you would need some time to check out its features. It will be helpful if your softphone for business has a free trial. Also, they shouldn’t have binding long-term contracts. If you don’t like it, it should be easy to exit the service.

Device compatibility

Your new softphone for business should work on all connected devices like smartphones, computers and tablets. If it needs additional hardware, there’s no sense in getting a softphone.

Customer service

Any disruption to the service can cost you revenue. If you face any problem with your softphone for business, the provider should make it easy for you to contact customer support and get it solved. An online search will help you discover the promptness and quality of customer support of softphone providers.

Transparent pricing

Credible softphone services come with transparent and easy-to-choose pricing models. They would have different subscription plans depending on the features. If you can’t find out the price of your softphone service, it’s not an encouraging sign.

Shared phone numbers

With shared numbers, when a customer calls and one of your team members can’t answer the call, someone else can. This improves customer service and your business’s reputation. This feature should be a part of the standard package in your softphone for business.


What happens when you can’t take a call because you’re with family, driving or are in a meeting? With auto-reply, you can send a pre-determined message to the caller to keep the conversation going.

Caller ID

Caller ID shows you the identity of the individual or organisation that’s calling you. This helps prioritise calls and when combined with number sharing, it improves your business communication.

Separation of business and personal contacts

The last thing you want to do is search for your business contacts among your personal contacts. Business-friendly softphones allow you to organise your contacts and their messages into work and personal groups, making it easy to search for them.

Why should you switch to a softphone?

Softphone for business offers many benefits that make sense, particularly for small businesses. You can save money on new devices and expensive mobile contracts. Most softphones have subscription plans with cheaper call rates compared to traditional landlines and mobile carriers. This is especially true for long-distance and international calls.

If you have remote or hybrid teams or employees who frequently travel, softphones will make sure that they stay connected. With remote access, you can easily add employees and give them a business number without worrying about unnecessary expenses and procedures.

Softphones also have additional functionalities that enhance business communication. These include auto-reply, texting, call queueing, call forwarding, voicemail and video conferencing.

Since it’s a digitalised communication system, you’ll be able to monitor and control all aspects of your softphone through a user interface.

Try Chalkboard: A reliable softphone for business

Looking for a softphone for business that meets all your needs at an affordable cost? Here’s Chalkboard, a virtual number built to help small businesses and startups grow. Forget getting a new device and expensive mobile plans. Download the app and you immediately get a new second number for work.

You can easily organise your contacts into personal and work groups, which would make it easy to find messages from them. Why pay for SMS marketing when you can do it yourself with no extra cost? Chalkboard has broadcast SMS and messaging to amplify your marketing.

Your team can also share their virtual numbers. This allows for uninterrupted customer service. With auto-reply, now you can respond to missed calls through pre-written texts.

Still not convinced? Download Chalkboard today. This softphone for business has everything you need and much more.

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