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What to look for in a phone system for entrepreneurs

What entrepreneurs, freelancers and consultants should look for in a phone system, with a simple and feature-rich solution
Phone system for entrepreneurs

It can be confusing if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner looking for a phone system. There are certain systems you’re used to and then there are new technologies to consider. One such question would be whether you should go for the traditional landline or a second phone number app in the UK?

Should you judge a phone system based on its ease of installation or call rates? Should you be looking for the remote capabilities that a UK-friendly second phone number app can provide? But before anything else, the first question you should ask is whether it was designed for you.

What makes a phone system entrepreneur-friendly?

There’s a difference between a phone system suited for a large office and a small business, or startup. The following criteria will tell you whether the system is the right choice for entrepreneurs.

Hardware: Does the system require hardware? If it does, you may have to buy it, make space for it, wait for it to be installed and ensure its maintenance.

Software: Certain systems may require extensive software installation, which will take time. You may also have to periodically update the systems.

User interface: Importantly, your phone system should have an easy-to-use interface. You and your team should be able to effortlessly configure and use it.

Affordability: Keep in mind what you pay for the extra devices, hardware, software, installation and maintenance charges, along with the call and message rates.

A second number for work: After everything you pay for, will your phone system provide a number exclusively for business? Or will it put too much pressure on your existing number?

How to get an entrepreneur-friendly phone system

Most phone systems were made for the challenges of a different era. These offline phones are an inadequate solution for the highly digitised times we live in. What you need is a phone system created exclusively for the demands of small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants and solo contractors.

In other words, what you need is a second-line app. These work over the internet and allow you to take calls from any of your devices. They’re designed with a host of features that all entrepreneurs need:

A second line for work: Now you’ve got a number that you can use exclusively for work-related calls and messages. You can use it as your customer support number or in your marketing campaigns for enquiries.

No second device needed: Usually, when you get a second number, you’ll also have to buy a new smartphone. Forget the initial expenses, but carrying two devices, charging them and keeping them secure when in a public space can be exhausting.

Easy set up: With a second phone number app, you can get started immediately. All you need is to install the software.

Answer on the go: Since it’s a virtual system, your number isn’t tied to any device. You can receive and make calls wherever you are. You can also route your calls to several devices, enabling your team members to answer them. That makes it the ideal solution for remote work.

Work-life balance: You’re always on call as an entrepreneur. But a second-line app will help you separate your work and personal lives. It will enable you to send an auto-reply to inform callers why you’re unable to take their call.

Professional voicemail: You can greet your callers with a voicemail that will make your business seem professional every time.

In short

Running a business in 2021 is vastly different from running a business 10 or 15 years ago. Your communication needs are unlike those of a business from a decade ago. While traditional offline systems might have been the right answer then, a second phone number app is the right solution now.

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