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10 best online team collaboration tools and software for small businesses

The best online collaboration apps that small businesses should try
Online collaboration apps

If collaboration was important for small businesses before the pandemic hit, remote work has made it crucial. With team members working from different locations, online collaboration apps are what make remote work possible. Like all the best apps for small businesses, these online collaboration apps are designed to improve productivity and efficiency.

What makes a good team collaboration app for small businesses?

If you’re choosing one for your small business, you should keep the following points in mind:

  • The app should help both in-house and remote teams communicate and coordinate

  • It should help members know the status of the projects

  • The app should help optimise your resources

  • It should support instant messaging, chat, audio and video conferencing and screen sharing

  • The app should suit your budget and business needs

10 of the best online collaboration tools for small businesses

1. Monday.com

Monday.com is both an excellent collaboration tool and one of the best project management apps. For small businesses in creative fields like marketing or design, this should be a top choice. The app makes it easy to not just track the progress of your team members but also communicate reports through dashboards.

2. ClickUp

A relatively new entrant, ClickUp is making its way into the list of best apps for small businesses. What we like about the app is that it comes with a host of features from mind maps to cloud-based file sharing. Different divisions of a small business can also work without interrupting each other.

3. Asana

If it’s real-time collaboration that you’re looking for, Asana should be your choice. Whether it’s delegation, tracking or organisation of projects, the app has all the features you need. You can organise your projects by charts, calendars, lists and boards. Plus, an unlimited number of members can work on any task.

4. Wrike

For those new to online collaboration apps, Wrike is an effective option. Unlike certain others, the app has a clean interface that makes it easier to get all the necessary information at a glance. Editing and document-sharing are also user-friendly in this intuitive app.

5. Proofhub

Does your small business have to share a lot of documents with its team members? Proofhub makes it exceedingly easy to not just share files but also track changes. If your business is involved in coding or content creation, the app should be on your list because of its proofreading and feedback features.

6. Trello

Collaboration apps don’t get easier than Trello. Using cards, the app shows your tasks, which will make it easy for you to know which team member is working on what. The focus for the app seems to be functionality over complexity. If your team has fewer than ten members, you should consider using Trello.

7. Slack

One of the most popular online collaboration tools, Slack has become indispensable to the startup world. If your business works remotely, this is the right app for your virtual office. You’ll see no reason to use email and will be able to create different channels for projects or teams. You can also customise tools and connect with outsiders through private channels.

8. Podio

When it comes to flexibility and customisation, Podio stands apart from its competitors. You can track the status of projects, share files, organise work and delegate tasks to team members with ease. What makes the app special is its user-friendly interface. Podio is also the right choice if you’re looking for a mobile-friendly collaboration tool.

9. Ryver

If your small business has several clients and projects, Ryver is a credible choice. Small businesses can easily organise their projects by creating as many teams as they need. Team members can discuss the status of various tasks through both group and individual chats. You can also see your company posts in a newsfeed similar to that of Facebook.

10. Flock

Flock offers a comprehensive range of communication tools for small businesses for seamless collaboration. You can engage in group or individual conversations and search through links, files, and messages. Screen sharing and audio and video calls are the other highlights of this app that comes with several third-party integrations.

Chalkboard: Supporting your small business needs

Like the best online collaboration apps, Chalkboard is designed to increase productivity. The app gives you a dedicated second line for work. This streamlines your business calls and texts, making Chalkboard one of the best apps to make work-life balance a reality.

Chalkboard comes with an auto-reply that will send pre-determined messages to missed calls, which will help you focus on your work at hand.

Download Chalkboard and try it now. It's a must-have tool for any small business.

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