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What are HiHi phone systems? Benefits for businesses and alternatives

Here’s everything to know about the HiHi phone system and the best HiHi phone alternatives for businesses
HiHi phone system benefits and alternatives

Business owners searching for phone systems will certainly come across the HiHi phone system. HiHi has been popular for its unique cloud-based desk phone that runs on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). If you’re considering it, here’s a detailed guide to the HiHi phone system, along with some of the best HiHi phone alternatives.

By now, most small and medium business owners know the importance of choosing the right business phone system. It can help you reach more customers, collaborate better, save on costs and market your products. HiHi phone systems offer features that would interest businesses. But the trick is to find out if these are what you precisely need and whether the cost makes sense to you.

What is HiHi?

HiHi is a firm that set out to reinvent the standard desk phones. Their cloud-based phone was launched in 2015 and was unlike anything available at the time. Compared to PBX (Private Branch Exchange), this phone had greater scalability and flexibility.

After the success of its initial product, HiHi launched its second desk phone in 2019. This was a significant upgrade to the device and platform. The new phone, called HiHi2, offered all the advantages of HiHi with more freedom.

What are HiHi phones?

Compared to the options then available in the market, HiHi phones were modern in terms of their objectives, features and design. The phones were created for large enterprises that need seamless collaboration between teams. If you’re looking for HiHi phones in 2022, most likely you’ll be looking at their HiHi2 range of desk phones.

HiHi2 has in-built video calling, which is the hallmark of the phone. The design looks familiar to legacy phones. The phone comes with a detachable tablet, making it easy for remote work. Since it’s Google certified, users have access to the Google Play Store to download apps relevant to their business.

HiHi2 and its business use

The HiHi phone system is unique because it combines advanced software and hardware technologies. For large enterprises with widely distributed teams and multiple offices, the phone can be an effective business tool in the following ways:

Enhanced communication

If video conferencing is your primary objective, the HiHi phone system is your solution. The most unique feature of the HiHi phone system is its video calling technology, whether it’s a video call from your desk or remotely through any of the connected apps. The gadget is flexible, giving excellent visibility from the right angle.

Call management

The HiHi phone system comes with call management that allows you to record calls and use them to improve the performance of those who attend the calls. Companies can also use the phone’s analytics software and call reporting to get information on how you manage your communication.

Centralised phonebook

Another reason for businesses to use the HiHi phone system is its centralised phonebook. All the numbers will be available in a single address book, making it possible for users to access it with one click. This is good news for businesses with large teams spread over multiple locations.

The benefits of using a HiHi phone system

To understand how the HiHi phone system would benefit businesses, let’s first understand who would benefit from its features. The HiHi phone system will be useful if you are:

  • A medium or large enterprise

  • A business with a large number of remote workers

  • A company that develops products and needs to share detailed images with teams

  • A business that has to handle a large volume of customer calls

If you identify with any of the above and are not worried about ease of use or carrying a detachable gadget, the HiHi phone system should interest you.

You can easily forward or divert calls with the HiHi phone system. It also comes with voicemail and a single phonebook that makes it easy to search for contacts and quickly transfer calls.

You get superior video calling and a host of software integrations. With the in-house apps HiHi Connect and HiHi There, you can enhance the capabilities of your HiHi phone system. You also get HiHi vision that allows you to integrate your phone with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

The cost of using a HiHi phone system

The cost of using a HiHi phone system will depend on the size of your organisation and the number of users. Unlike most business phone providers, HiHi doesn’t reveal any subscription packages. You’ll have to contact HiHi for the true cost of using the system for your business.

Alternatives to HiHi phone system

There can be such a thing as too much technology. While the HiHi phone system has certain standout features, it may not be the right solution for small and medium enterprises or freelancers. That’s why users search for HiHi phone system alternatives like Chalkboard or integrated phone systems like Avaya and Mitel.

Chalkboard is a second number for work designed to be simple, feature-rich and affordable. It lets you share phone numbers, which will increase collaboration in your business. You can easily organise contacts and use messaging to talk to your customers like friends. With auto-reply, you can respond to calls that you might miss.

The app also allows you to send group broadcasts, which would be the easiest way for you to share marketing messages with your customers. And unlike HiHI, Avaya alternatives or Mitel alternatives, Chalkboard also does your marketing for you.

Download Chalkboard today and try it now. It’s the best alternative to the HiHi phone system.

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