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e-SIM vs. dual SIM vs. Chalkboard – Which is best for business use?

A detailed comparison of e-SIM, dual SIM and Chalkboard that shows which one is ideal for business use
E-sim vs dual sim vs chalkboard comparison

If you’re looking for a second phone number for work, it’s natural to wonder whether you should go for an e-SIM or a dual SIM phone. After all, if the purpose is to get merely another number, both these options would be enough, right?

The answer is that it all depends on how you plan to use your number.

It wasn’t too long ago when a SIM meant a standard plastic card. Now you get to choose from an e-SIM, dual SIM and a virtual number like Chalkboard. To help you make the right choice, here are the advantages and disadvantages of all three options.

What is an e-SIM?

The ‘e’ in e-SIM stands for ‘embedded.’ Unlike the removable SIM in a traditional mobile phone, an e-SIM is embedded in a device. This means that it can’t be removed and put in another device.

But the information on it is rewritable. You can change your mobile service provider without removing your SIM or getting a new one. To know whether an e-SIM is good for business use, let’s look at its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of e-SIM

Easy to change operators: If you want to change your network, you don’t have to get a new SIM and wait for it to arrive. You can easily change operators either online or with a short phone call.

Temporary changes: With some e-SIMs, you can store up to five virtual cards. This gives you a dedicated number for work.

More space: Since an e-SIM would take less space inside a device, there is potentially more space for battery or storage power, although that’s up to the manufacturer.

Disadvantages of e-SIM

Limited options: e-SIM functionality is limited to select phones, which severely limits the number of devices you can choose from.

Difficult to change devices: With an e-SIM, you’re dependent on the device. If it malfunctions, you’ll have to get a new phone. It will also be difficult to transfer your data.

Easy to track: Since you can’t remove the SIM, it would be fairly easy to track your movements. For those worried about privacy, this is a significant problem.

What is a dual SIM?

As the name suggests, you get two SIM cards with a dual SIM phone. This allows you to get different phone numbers and enjoy the benefits of each. For example, you could get a SIM for data usage and the other one for calls and texts.

Advantages of a dual SIM

An additional number: You get an additional number with the extra SIM that you can use for work-related calls or texts.

Location-neutral usage: If you travel frequently, a dual SIM phone may come in handy since you would have a separate number for that area.

Disadvantages of dual SIM

Limited options: You’ll have a limited number of phones to choose from if you go for a dual SIM device. And the phones available may not have all the other features you might need.

Battery drainage: Two SIM cards can double the pressure on a phone’s battery.

Longer contracts: With two numbers from the same or different providers, now you have to worry about two contracts.

Chalkboard: The separate local number for work

If you’re not specifically looking for business-friendly features, an e-SIM or dual SIM might serve your purpose. But if you’re a small business owner, independent contractor or startup founder, you should consider Chalkboard.

Advantages of Chalkboard

Separation of work and personal lives: You don’t just get an additional number with Chalkboard. You also get to separate your calls, messages, contacts, call history etc.

Auto-reply: You can send pre-written messages to calls that you might miss with auto-reply, which will make you look professional and credible.

Broadcast lists: You can organise your contacts into separate lists and send messages to those groups at once.

Review management: Chalkboard, built for local businesses and entrepreneurs, automatically sends online review requests to your contacts and notifies you once they review you.

Easy to set up: No need to apply for a SIM and wait for it to arrive or go through marketplaces looking for a dual SIM phone. Download the app and you can start using Chalkboard in minutes. There are also no binding contracts.

No additional pressure on the battery: Unlike in a dual SIM phone, there is no extra pressure put on your phone’s battery.

Highly affordable: Keeping in mind the range of the business tools you get, it’s refreshing to know that Chalkboard’s price isn’t that dissimilar from an e-SIM or dual SIM.

Disadvantages of Chalkboard

No web version: Chalkboard doesn’t come with a web version as of now.

No video conferencing: The app doesn’t support video conferencing, although additional features are regularly added.

Chalkboard: The best virtual app for business use 📲

If you’re looking for a dedicated number for work, Chalkboard is your best option. It has all the advantages that come with a second number and also offers several enhanced business-friendly tools to improve customer engagement and grow your revenue.

To top it all, Chalkboard is highly affordable. Download Chalkboard today – it’s one of the best business decisions you’ll make.

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