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9 May 2022
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Cheap VoIP services: Are they too good to be true?

Looking for a cheap VoIP service? Read this to ensure that you get a solution suited for your business needs
Cheap VoIP services

To be a successful business, you need a dependable and professional phone system. Of course, it also should be affordable. That’s where cheap VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services come in. But should cheap VoIP calls be the only criteria or should you look at other features?

Considering how expensive traditional phone systems can be, it’s not at all surprising that more and more business owners are searching for cheap VoIP services. While they are indeed more affordable, that alone doesn’t reveal the whole picture. But before we get to its advantages and disadvantages, let’s first understand VoIP.

What's a VoIP service?

Conventional landline phones use the Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN to connect users. The landline phones are connected by copper lines. Long-distance calls will be more expensive because they have to travel a longer distance on the wires.

A VoIP service works differently. It converts voice into digital data packets. These are then transferred over the internet. In other words, your voice becomes a document. You don’t have to rely on the expensive traditional infrastructure to make and receive calls.

Why is VoIP such an affordable service for businesses?

There’s been an increase in cheap VoIP services because they’re affordable compared to conventional landlines. That’s primarily because the latter needs costly infrastructure to be connected to a network.

To set up a landline in your office, you would need expensive hardware and a Private Branch Exchange or PBX for additional functionalities. These are just the initial unavoidable costs. Then there are the monthly fees.

Since VoIP services don’t use the conventional system’s infrastructure, they’re considerably cheaper. All you have to do is buy a phone that supports VoIP and you’ll be able to make and receive calls.

Pros of cheap VoIP services

Extremely cost-effective

Entrepreneurs are searching for cheap VoIP calls because both the initial investments and operational expenditure are low. Businesses can save up to 75 per cent on their overall communication with VoIP.

Suited for remote work

Cheap VoIP services are becoming popular because users can access the service from any location. For remote teams, there’s no need to move and install lines. As long as there’s a stable internet connection, cheap VoIP calls will be possible.


You don’t have to pay for additional lines per user or get locked into expensive plans with a VoIP service. You also don’t have to worry about a minimum number of lines. As your team grows, so can the service.

Additional features

The traditional landlines aren’t flexible. But you can customise your VoIP if the service has enhanced features. These make it suitable for customer service and lead generation.

Cons of cheap VoIP services

Security issues

The main reason people are looking for VoIP alternatives is that there is an inherent security risk with anything that runs over the internet. Cheap VoIP services may not have credible security architecture to prevent hackers.

Patchy support

While you’ll be able to make cheap VoIP calls, the customer support for these services is unreliable. You may not get a fast response or 24/7 support.

Connectivity problems

Cheap VoIP services will work as long as there is a reliable internet connection. But if you’re in public areas or places with weak WiFi, your calls could get disconnected.

Things to consider before using a cheap VoIP service

If cost is of the utmost importance, then a cheap VoIP service is a good bet. But if you have a growing business and want to deliver a professional service for your clients, it may not be reliable because of the lack of customer support. Secondly, if you want additional features, it can turn out to be expensive.

Finally, you should never compromise on security. If there is a data breach, the cost of fixing that – and the damage to your reputation – will be more expensive than your overall savings.

Chalkboard: The affordable, more reliable solution to cheap VoIP

If you’re considering cheap VoIP services, how about a phone system that offers you all the benefits of VoIP, plus enhanced features at truly affordable rates? Chalkboard is the smartest and safest second number designed for small businesses.

  • Chalkboard advantage #1: Chalkboard uses cellular coverage for calls. This ensures better connectivity without security risks.
  • Chalkboard advantage #2: You get enhanced features such as auto-reply, working hours and broadcast SMS.
  • Chalkboard advantage #3: You get 24/7, reliable customer support with Chalkboard.
  • Chalkboard advantage #4: You can route calls to specific numbers, which makes it ideal for remote work.
  • Chalkboard advantage #5: You can choose from affordable plans and scale as your business grows.

Download Chalkboard today. You won’t ever need to search for cheap VoIP services again.

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