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Benefits of a business mobile phone contract

Remote working has increased the necessity for both business owners and employees to be contactable on the move. If you're looking for a new business mobile phone contract, here are the benefits of opting for an alternative
Business mobile phone contracts benefits

For many companies, mobile phones have replaced traditional phone systems. This is especially true for businesses with remote or hybrid structures, or ones where employees travel a lot. If you run a business in 2022, switching to business mobile contracts can benefit you in several ways.

Empowering employees with a good business phone can go a long way in improving productivity. But some businesses still rely on the personal mobile plans of their employees. This ignores the advantages of scale and savings that you get through consolidated business mobile phone contracts.

Main benefits of a business mobile phone contract

Here’s how shifting to a business mobile phone contract can benefit your business.

1. Cost savings

Individual plans will always be more expensive than business mobile phone contracts. You can reduce costs when you negotiate for a group. These savings can add up to a substantial amount at the end of the year.

2. Keeps employees connected

Business mobile phone contracts can unify business communication. It’s more important if your employees travel frequently or work from their homes. You’ll be able to easily reach them through calls or texts.

3. Combined data

A major advantage of using a business mobile phone contract is that users will be able to pool their data. Considering how everyone accesses the internet on their smartphones and downloads files through messaging platforms, someone is likely to reach their data limit. With a business mobile phone contract, they will be able to use the data from the pool.

4. Better devices

Business mobile phone contracts also let you choose phones. You’ll have a wider range of devices that suit the usage patterns of your team. You can go for high-end smartphones or more affordable devices to bring down your cost.

5. Centralised billing

Keeping track of the mobile bills of employees and reimbursing them can be a cumbersome task. A business mobile phone contract will unify that into a single bill, making it easier for your accountants. This also saves everyone time.

6. Single network

Individual contracts will have varying lengths and tariffs because they could be from different providers. By opting for business mobile contracts, you’ll be moving to a single network. Now everyone will have the same network, contracts and devices.

7. Dedicated support

As anyone who has tried getting in touch with the customer support of a network knows, the process can be challenging. Individual users will be put on long holds. But for most business mobile phone contracts, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager for support.

8. Perk for team members

For your employees, a mobile phone will be a perk. Since everyone will have the same device, at least for work, it will also reduce the peer pressure to upgrade phones. In that sense, business mobile phone contracts level the playing field.

9. Supports remote work

A business mobile phone contract allows your team to upgrade to the latest smartphones. This is good news for businesses with remote or hybrid employees. Now they will be able to work from anywhere. This also ensures that customers or vendors can reach them with ease.

10. Protects lone workers

If you’re in the construction or trucking industry, you would likely have employees in remote locations or on the road. At times, it may be difficult to locate them. But modern mobile phones come with GPS tracking, which allows you to track them in case of an emergency.

11. More flexibility

Standard mobile phone terms don’t offer much flexibility. You won’t be able to select according to your unique requirements. Business mobile phone contracts are more flexible. You can choose the device, contract length, data and minutes. This will help you save money and get more from your contract.

12. Business continuity

Business communication can be a minefield, with so many options on the market. The last thing you want is a set of different mobile tariffs and contracts. With a business mobile phone contract, all your mobile packages will be consistent and easier to manage.

Chalkboard: A great alternative to a fixed business mobile phone contract

Even if you pick the right business mobile phone contract, there will be certain unavoidable disadvantages. The biggest problem is that you’ll be tied to a long-term contract. Even if your business requirements change, you’ll have to honour the contract.

Chalkboard is a superior alternative because it gives you all the benefits of a business mobile phone contract without any of the disadvantages. How so?

  • You don’t have to pay for a device since it’s an app that you can use on any connected device.

  • You don’t have to worry about long contracts. You can opt-out anytime.

  • Your team can share their numbers, which is impossible with phone contracts.

  • You can organise contacts and broadcast SMS to whole groups.

  • You can set up auto-reply for calls you might miss.

  • You get advanced messaging for conversational marketing.

  • You get a free trial period.

Download Chalkboard and try it now. It’s a flexible phone system built for small businesses.

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