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BT cloud phone: An overview, costs and alternatives

Will a BT cloud phone suit your needs or should you look for an alternative to the BT cloud phone?
BT cloud phone costs and alternatives

Small businesses are discovering the advantages of cloud phones over traditional phone systems. If you’re considering switching to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), you might come across the BT cloud phone. In this article, we discuss the features and costs of the BT cloud phone and whether you should look for an alternative to the BT cloud phone.

Why are businesses preferring cloud phones?

Cloud-based telephones don’t need expensive hardware, installation or maintenance. The monthly charges are also considerably lower. They also offer business-friendly features and are the ideal solution for remote teams.

What is a BT cloud phone?

BT cloud phone is a VoIP system for small, medium and large enterprises. Businesses can migrate their phone systems to the cloud through this secure, reliable and easy-to-use phone.

Like any cloud phone, you can make and receive calls as long as you’re connected to the internet. Businesses can save money on additional devices, hardware and installation. With a BT cloud phone, you can stay in touch with clients and customers from around the world.

Instead of relying on your carrier, you can also access your personal number and voicemail from the cloud with this hosted VoIP system. A BT cloud phone gives you an additional local phone number that you can use to connect with your customers.

Hosted VoIP (cloud) vs on-premises VoIP

Even after you decide to switch to VoIP, you still have another decision to make. Should it be hosted VoIP or should you opt for an on-premise VoIP solution? Here are the key differences between the two:

Ease of setup and maintenance. The VoIP provider will maintain the technology and service with a hosted system. Everything runs in the cloud and the provider will handle all the features. If you choose an on-premise system, the hardware and software will be based on the location that you choose.

Cost advantages. While cloud phones have advantages and disadvantages, it’s indisputable that they offer significant cost benefits. But this makes more sense for cloud phones.

Hosted VoIP systems require minimal equipment and setup fees. The provider will handle all maintenance costs; you only have to pay the monthly fees. With an on-premise system, there are higher installation and maintenance costs. You would have to hire trained IT personnel to take care of the system.

Scalability. As your business grows, you will have more team members. You would also have more customers to serve. All these require additional phone lines, which is difficult with an on-premise system since you’re responsible for its expansion.

Hosted VoIP systems are highly scalable in terms of capacity, features and implementation time. Users can easily download the app and add more features without waiting for anyone else to help.

Cost of BT cloud phone system

BT cloud phone has nine plans, some of which are for 12 months, whereas others are for 24 or 36 months. The most elementary plan is the BT cloud phone Basic, which is for 24 months. This will cost you £14.21 per month per user excluding connection charges.

On the other end is the BT cloud phone Collaborate plan for 12 months. This will cost a business £27.33 per month per user.

Chalkboard: The small business alternative to the BT cloud phone system

Why do people search for alternatives to the BT cloud phone? Because (a) they’re expensive, particularly for small businesses and (b) they offer only basic business tools. If you’re a small business, startup or independent creative, Chalkboard is the perfect alternative to the BT cloud phone system. Here’s what you get with Chalkboard:

A second line for work. You will get a new number to share with customers and can use it on your marketing collateral. This protects your personal number from spammers and robocalls and gives a greater work-life balance.

Ease of setup. There are no confusing plans or limiting contracts. You can get started by simply downloading the app.

An affordable business phone. Built for small businesses, Chalkboard has highly affordable subscription plans and offers you a free trial.

Advanced chat. Use the power of texting to acquire more customers and improve your customer service with enhanced chat from Chalkboard.

Number sharing. Your team members can share their phone numbers. If one is too busy to answer a customer’s call, someone else can do it.

Download Chalkboard and watch your business grow.

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