Interactive voice response

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows callers to choose from a menu to direct their call.
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What is an IVR system?

An interactive voice response system, also known as an auto-attendant, is an automated function that answers customer calls for you and offers them a menu of routing options. Callers choose an option based on their needs and the IVR routes them accordingly.

Chances are you’ve heard one yourself; the simple IVRs use structure such as “press one for sales, press two for billing…”

Why do businesses use IVR systems?

The benefits of IVR for businesses include:

  • Improving the call handling process by providing a custom menu of options for customers to navigate.

  • Routing calls to the right department or person, which ensures that customers are connected with the right person quickly.

  • Collecting information from customers through touch-tone input, which allows businesses to gather information about a customer's needs and improve customer service.

  • Reducing wait times for customers by allowing them to select the options that best match their needs, instead of being put on hold.

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FAQs: IVR systems

What is IVR?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, it is a technology that allows customers to interact with a company's telephone system through the use of voice and touch-tone inputs.

How does IVR work?

IVR systems work by allowing customers to navigate through a menu of options by using their voice or touch-tone inputs. Once the customer has selected the appropriate option, the call is then routed to the appropriate department or person.

What are the benefits of using IVR?

The benefits of using IVR include improved call-handling processes, reduced wait times for customers, the ability to collect information from customers and the ability to automate routine tasks.

Can IVR systems be customised?

Yes, IVR systems can be customised to fit the specific needs of a business. This includes the ability to create a custom menu of options for customers to navigate and the ability to collect specific information from customers.

How can IVR systems improve customer service?

IVR systems can improve customer service by allowing customers to quickly and easily reach the appropriate department or person and by providing the ability to automate routine tasks which can free up customer service representatives to handle more complex enquiries.