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How to try WhatsApp’s new multi-device feature

What to know about WhatsApp Business’s new multi-device accessibility and how to get it for your business
WhatsApp Business multi device

WhatsApp Business has several significant advantages for its 50 million users. It’s a free application that lets small businesses interact directly with their customers. But one of its limitations was that only one user could use it. That’s all set to change with the new WhatsApp Business multiple devices feature.

Previously, if small businesses wanted the WhatsApp Business multiple devices feature, they had to go for the paid version, WhatsApp API. It’s an advanced tool that independent businesses may not need. But businesses in some countries can now get the same feature on their regular WhatsApp Business.

What is WhatsApp's new multi-device feature?

The beta programme is for those who want to use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices. If you’re a small business owner, your team members will now be able to open the app on their devices and interact with customers.

It should be noted that you can use it on up to four devices excluding smartphones. In other words, you can use it on PCs, laptops and web browsers, for example.

How WhatsApp beta works

With the new feature, you can only connect one phone to your WhatsApp Business account. From there, you can add up to four devices that are not smartphones. You would have to register your WhatsApp Business account and then link the other devices.

For those who use WhatsApp Web, the web-based application of WhatsApp, the functionality should feel familiar. You have your primary handset and then you have your linked devices. So, you would be able to operate it on your smartphone while others will be able to access it from their laptops or through browsers.

What’s more beneficial is the fact that if the main device is switched off, users will still be able to operate the app on their devices. So, if your main device’s battery runs out or is not connected to the internet, the others can still use the WhatsApp business multiple devices feature.

But this is limited to 14 days. If the main device is switched off for more than 14 days, WhatsApp Business will be disconnected from all linked devices.

The new functionality hasn’t been automatically given to all WhatsApp Business users. There’s no natural update that will allow you to get the feature. To enable the WhatsApp business multiple devices feature to use on multiple devices, you’ll have to join the beta programme.

How to join the beta on iPhone and Android

The process is the same whether you want to join the beta on your iPhone or Android.

  1. Open WhatsApp Business

  2. Tap the three dots in the corner on the right

  3. Go to Settings

  4. Click on Linked devices

  5. Tap Multi-device beta

  6. Now tap Join beta

  7. Select Continue

Now you’ve joined the beta. The next steps are to link the other devices.

  1. Go back and tap Link a device

  2. Now there will be a QR code on the device you want to link to. Point your phone at that.

  3. That device is now linked to your WhatsApp Business account

Should you join the beta?

If your business has three or four team members who need to interact with your customers, then it could be worth a try. You’ll be sharing customer service responsibilities with others and reducing your workload. You’ll also be able to give access to individuals with expertise in their core areas.

In short

Like any new technology, the WhatsApp business multiple devices feature will go through certain iterations as the platform learns from its rollout. If your business needs it, you can join the beta and give it a shot.

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