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How to use WhatsApp Business with multiple users

While the regular WhatsApp Business app doesn’t let you use it with multiple users, there is a way around that
Whatsapp business multiple users

If you’ve started using WhatsApp Business or are planning to use it, you might wonder whether multiple users can manage it. The answer is yes, but it would require an additional interface.

For WhatsApp Business, multiple users might be needed on certain occasions. You might want to assign someone else to use it to handle customer queries and marketing promos for example.

But one of the things to know about WhatsApp Business is that it only allows one person to use it with a specific phone number. The good news is that if you only need to give access to two people, you can still do it via the regular version.

How to use WhatsApp Business with multiple users via the app

When WhatsApp Business was launched, it was primarily targeted at small business owners with a limited number of incoming messages. So, the app was designed for use by a single individual.

But if you need two users to access it, you can let one use it via the app and the other access it through WhatsApp Web. With the regular version, this is all you can do to let multiple users use the app.

How is this handy? Let’s say you handle all customer interactions via the mobile version. But if someone wants information on specific orders or deliveries, you can assign a team member to access it through a desktop. The customer wouldn’t know that two different people are interacting with them.

How to use WhatsApp Business with multiple users via the API

If you’re a medium-sized enterprise, you might want multiple users to access WhatsApp Business. For that, you would need to use the WhatsApp Business API. With it, you’ll be able to assign messages to your team members, hold discussions and engage simultaneously with more customers.

Importantly, you’ll be able to automate customer engagement. You can use chatbots and create auto-replies. You’ll also get insights into your conversations including frequently asked questions. But to keep costs down, you do need to reply within 24 hours to all messages. After that, you’ll have to pay to be able to reply.

How to get WhatsApp Business API

You can’t directly download it from WhatsApp since there is no interface for it. Instead, you’ll have to get it from authorised WhatsApp Business Solution Providers.

How much does WhatsApp Business API cost?

You’ll be paying the third-party solution provider, who would then pay WhatsApp. If the message is initiated by the customer and the reply is given within 24 hours, there will be no charges.

But if the business initiates the conversations, they will have to pay for it, based on the number of “templated messages” or messages sent on existing templates. For the first 250,000 messages in the UK, the price per message is £0.0308.

Setting auto-replies on WhatsApp Business for when you are not available

  1. Click on the three dots in the top right corner

  2. Then go to Business Settings and click on Away Message

  3. On the Send away message, turn the toggle on

  4. Now you can edit your message and click Ok.

  5. Schedule your message based on Always (if you’re on vacation, for example), Custom (for a specific time of the day), or Outside of your business hours

  6. Choose the recipients from Everyone, Everyone not in the address book, Everyone except, and Only send to

How to access WhatsApp Business on multiple devices

For regular WhatsApp Business, you can assign the desktop version to someone and the mobile app to someone else. If you need to access it from more devices, you would have to use WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Business would need a separate and previously unused number. If you get it via a second-line app, you’ll get several benefits, including the ability to separate your work and personal life, reduced monthly charges and auto-reply to missed calls.

In short

For WhatsApp Business multiple users might be needed if yours is a medium-sized enterprise. WhatsApp Business API is the most effective way to give that access and automate several of your key customer interactions.

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