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Using WhatsApp Business on multiple devices

If you need to use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices, you would have to go for the advanced version
WhatsApp Business multiple devices

WhatsApp Business is a specialised communication tool from the platform to help small and independent businesses interact with their customers. If you’re already using the platform or are planning to, you might wonder whether you can use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices. The short answer is that you can’t if you’re using the regular version.

There are two versions of the communication tool, namely, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp API. There are several differences between the two that you’ll have to understand if you plan on using them.

Can you install WhatsApp Business on multiple devices?

WhatsApp Business is for small businesses and WhatsApp API is for medium or large-sized companies. The regular version is intended for a single business owner or manager. You can’t install it on multiple devices but you can allow two people to use it.

For that, one person will have to use the mobile version and the other, the desktop version. This is the only way for two people to use the regular version of WhatsApp Business. This should solve the problem for most small businesses, as they would need to give access to only one or two individuals.

Although, it should be noted that WhatsApp is rolling out a beta of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business that can support up to four connected devices. You can find out here if the multi-device beta is available in your region.

How to use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices

If you are a medium or large enterprise, you might want to assign multiple users to manage WhatsApp Business. You can do it through the WhatsApp Business API. The tricky part is that you can’t download the API directly.

WhatsApp has authorised Business Solution Providers (BSPs) who will get you the API. You can find a list of WhatsApp BSPs here. With API, you can assign messages to team members and hold discussions internally while resolving customer queries.

Multiple logins on multiple devices with the WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp API allows you to engage in customer interactions as a team. This suits medium and large enterprises since they would have a larger customer base. It’ll be difficult for one individual to constantly respond to all customer queries.

When different team members can log in from their devices, you’ll be able to designate responsibilities more effectively. For example, someone could be in charge of queries on orders while another individual could handle marketing notifications.

With API, you’ll be able to search your chats and filter them. Your team will also be able to use auto-replies and chatbots.

Using a second number to register different WhatsApp Business accounts

There’s a way around for small businesses to use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices. You could get a second number and register different WhatsApp Business accounts. This is an easy solution that will allow multiple team members to take care of customer interactions.

But remember that it could also create problems. You’ll have to communicate all your WhatsApp Business numbers as customer service numbers. This will be confusing for your customers. It will also be challenging for your colleagues as a single customer conversation might happen over several accounts.

In short

If you’re a small business where only one or two individuals would need to use the platform, the regular version of WhatsApp Business should be enough for you. But if you have a large number of customers to interact with and need WhatsApp Business on multiple devices, its API option is your answer.

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