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15 ready-to-use mass text message templates for businesses

Mass text templates that local businesses can use for everything from marketing to scheduling appointments to encourage feedback
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By now, most local businesses know that business texting is one of the most productive channels to engage with consumers. A business text immediately reaches the receiver, is easy to open and is compatible with almost all phones. With text messaging templates, SMS marketing becomes easier for independent businesses.

The reason more and more local businesses are opting for SMS marketing is that texts can be sent from a computer and they can be automated. Plus, when done well, business texting is an excellent medium to start a one-to-one conversation with the customer.

If you’re an independent, local or small business, here are 15 ready-to-use, well-crafted templates to get your SMS marketing started. Whether you’re a pet grooming service, a salon, a grocer or a carpet cleaning service, you’ll find here a text messaging template that’ll serve you well:

Promotions and marketing templates

Hi, enjoy 50% off on everything at [business name and address]! To book your spot, text [NUMBER]. Hurry, limited seats only.

Hi [customer name], [business name] is offering 30% off to all our loyal customers until June 10. Call us at [NUMBER] and claim your discount.

Hi [customer name], our one-plus-one sale is back. For all your interior needs, head to [business name and address], before the sale ends on June 15.

Appointments and reminders templates

Hey [customer name], your haircut is scheduled for tomorrow at [time, business name and address]. Please call [NUMBER] for any queries.

Hi, your dental appointment is for tomorrow at [time] with [dentist name]. Please call [NUMBER] for rescheduling or any queries.

Hi, we believe you are due for your annual carpet deep cleaning. Please call [business name] on [NUMBER] to schedule at the earliest.

Hi, your car is up for its monthly cleaning. Call [NUMBER] for [business name] to schedule it. Weekday or weekend, we’re here for you.

Confirmation templates

Hi [customer name], [employee name] from [business name] will show you the property tomorrow at [time]. Please call us at [NUMBER] if you need to reschedule.

Hi, your order from [business name] is confirmed. It will be delivered today between [time]. Call [NUMBER] for any queries.

Poll templates

Hi, vote for your favourite combo at [business name and address]! Text ‘name of the dish/drink’ to [NUMBER] and win goody bags!

Payment reminder templates

Hi [customer name], your payment for [date] is still outstanding. Please call us at [NUMBER] to arrange your payment.

Hi, we at [business name] haven’t received your payment for the invoice dated [date]. Please call us at [NUMBER] immediately.

Online review template

Hi, thank you for shopping at [business name]. It means a lot to a small business like ours. Please review your experience at (link). Thanks a lot.

Hi, thank you for visiting [business name]. We hope you liked it. Please review us at (link) so that others can discover us. Thank you.

Social media follow template

Hi, thank you for buying from [business name]. If you liked it, could you follow us over at (social media link)? There are many more bouquets there too!

Small businesses can use these templates to engage with their customers and build productive relationships. While SMS is an efficient tool, business owners should keep in mind some best practices when they start using it.

  • Only with consent: Get their consent before you add them to your database

  • Keep it short: Keep your SMS to a particular point. Don’t add unnecessary aspects to the message

  • Be friendly: Respect the individual you’re communicating with. Be friendly and not cheeky or discourteous

  • Don’t overdo it: Send business texts only when necessary. Don’t spam even when you think you’re sending the offer of a lifetime

  • Develop a voice: SMS is an efficient channel to develop a brand voice for your business. Choose your tone and manner wisely

  • Check the text: Any grammatical or typographical error could be seen by hundreds of people

In summary

At the heart of an effective SMS marketing strategy for local businesses is a well-crafted and engaging message. Such a strategy can be an independent business's secret weapon to acquire customers and build enduring brand loyalty.

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