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Easy ways to send and receive text messages from the comfort of your computer

How small businesses can use computers to send and receive text messages to engage with their customers
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There may be fancier technologies to communicate but the good old SMS remains one of the most effective. But a common misconception is that you can only send and receive SMS from mobile phones. Independent businesses should be delighted to know that, for greater ease, they can also send and receive text messages from their computers.

Why small businesses should use SMS marketing

Those independent businesses that have been using SMS know that it can help build brand awareness, and acquire and retain customers. Here are a few advantages to consider if your small business is still not using the power of text messages.

  • Instant delivery: You send an SMS and in all likelihood, the receiver will open it in a matter of seconds. Unlike an email or a social media post, you don’t have to wait hours or days for your audience to see it.

  • Intimate: A text message feels deeply personal; the primary reason why we text our loved ones and friends rather than email them.

  • Short form: One of the reasons why small businesses should be using SMS marketing is that text messages are short. This means there will be little customer resistance to opening them.

  • Greater access: You don’t need to know advanced digital marketing to send and receive text messages.

Even those proficient with the power of SMS, however, may not know that you can send and receive SMS from a computer. But why should you be interested in using a laptop if you can do it from your smartphone?

Why use computers to send and receive text messages

  • It's easier: Typing, copying, pasting, adding or deleting numbers, are all easier when you use a computer.

  • You can scale up: You can send more texts through a computer than from a phone as you can easily add more recipients.

  • More effective: You can create multiple draft messages and make the necessary changes to customise them for different groups of recipients.

How to send and receive text messages from a computer


All iPhones come with Apple’s messaging service, iMessage. It can also be used from Apple laptops or other iOS devices. Here’s how you can send text messages through iMessage:

  1. Log in with your Apple ID

  2. Choose an Apple device that you need to connect to

  3. Once connected, the devices will sync messages

  4. Now you can send messages through iMessage

Google Voice

You can access Google Voice from your web browser to send text messages. The service assigns you a phone number with ten digits that you can use to send SMS, MMS, make calls etc. Here’s how to do it:

  1. On voice.google.com, open Messages

  2. Click on Send

  3. Add the recipient’s phone number or name. (You can add up to seven names in a group)

  4. Type your message and click Send

Android Messages

You can send and receive text messages with your contacts through Android Messages using the following steps:

  1. Open Messages

  2. Enter the email addresses, phone number, or names of your recipients

  3. Compose your message

  4. You can save it as a draft or send it immediately

  5. Click on Send

In short

That’s all it takes to send and receive text messages from your computer. This should encourage you to invest more time in SMS marketing to build your customer base and grow your independent business.

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