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Shaina Tennant
5 Apr 2021
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Thinking you should delete Facebook Business manager? Read this first.

This guide will help you figure out whether the Facebook Manager is the right digital tool for building your business.
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In 2021, Facebook is still the number one social media platform, clocking roughly 1.82 billion active users on a daily basis. In fact, 1.6 billion people report connecting with small businesses on Facebook. This makes it a great place to engage with your customers, tell your business’s story, and run ad campaigns.

But just because it’s one of the biggest players in digital marketing doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice for your small business. If you’re wondering whether you should delete Facebook Business Manager, this article will help you make that decision.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is a free tool that independent business owners can use to manage their Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts, Ad Accounts, partnerships, and employees.

Great, but what does that actually mean?

Essentially, Facebook Business Manager is designed to help you manage your business’s digital marketing by providing the following functions:

  • Allows you to separate your personal Facebook page from your Business Facebook Page
  • Brings together your business’s digital marketing info and activities in one place, making it easier to oversee
  • Gives you added security by allowing you to control who has access to which accounts
  • Allows you to delegate digital marketing tasks to different employees
  • Makes it easier to collaborate with other businesses and companies to strengthen your brand and social media presence

While Facebook Business Manager is doubtlessly a powerful tool — but how do you determine if it’s going to work for you? There’s no magic formula, but we’ve got some pointers.

Does your business benefit from using Facebook Business Manager?

Firstly, it’s helpful to consider who Facebook Business Manager is designed for when deciding if your business will benefit from using it. It’s a valuable tool for your small business if you check any of the following:

  • You have several different Facebook pages for your business or you have a Facebook and an Instagram account for your business
  • You have several employees that help manage your social media or you work with a digital marketing team
  • You want to create several different Facebook ad campaigns to help you target different customers
  • You are looking to collaborate with other companies through social media now or in the near future

These are some strong indicators that you should not delete Facebook Business Manager. If this sounds like you, then you may want to stick it out because it could significantly streamline your digital marketing efforts!

If you’re interested in using Facebook Business Manager and want to learn more, this article provides an easy-to-understand overview of everything you need to know about using Facebook Business Manager as a small business owner.

It’s not all smooth sailing though.

There are also some significant limitations of Facebook Business Manager that we will be discussing next.

What are the limitations for small business owners?

As a small business owner, your time and energy are especially precious. As such, one of the major limitations of Facebook Business Manager is that it’s not a very intuitive tool to use, even for the most tech-savvy business owners.

Additionally, you will need to invest more time and energy into training employees that you want to add as administrators. So, unless you have multiple accounts and staff to oversee, it’s probably not worth the time and effort.

Furthermore, Facebook Business Manager only integrates Facebook pages, Instagram, and ad accounts. This leaves out a lot of other extremely valuable digital marketing outlets. When deciding if you should delete Facebook Business Manager, consider if there are other, more effective marketing strategies that you could be focusing on instead.

There are certainly more limitations but these are typically the main pain points for small business owners.

Why small business owners should delete Facebook Business Manager

Now that we’ve discussed the main benefits and limitations of this tool, let’s discuss some of the key reasons you might want to delete Facebook Business Manager.

You should delete Facebook Business Manager if:

  • You’d rather focus on other social media platforms or digital marketing strategies
  • You only have one Facebook business page and are not interested in running Facebook Ads
  • You don’t foresee hiring a social media manager or digital marketing team in the near future
  • You don’t like Facebook and aren’t committed to sticking it out for the long haul
  • You’ve done market research and found that your target customer isn’t on Facebook
  • Your Facebook account hasn’t grown in the past 6 months or it isn’t driving traffic to your main webpage

The bottom line is if you’re currently a one-person show running a single Facebook Business page, then using Facebook Business Manager is probably more hassle than it’s worth.

In short

To wrap things up, Facebook Business Manager is intended to help independent business owners seamlessly manage several Facebook ad accounts, pages, media partners, etc. While there’s little debate that it’s a useful tool, it may not be worth the time and energy if your marketing department is currently just you.

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