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Shaina Tennant
5 Apr 2021
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Small business manager? Here're our top tips for making a killer Facebook Business Page

Here are 8 tips — from the practical through to the creative — on how to make your business Facebook Page stand out and work hard.
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So, you’ve got yourself a Facebook Business Page. This is one of the finest digital marketing decisions a small business can make. It’s your portal to thousands of customers and organic growth. Now it’s time to make your page stand out and work hard.

First things first, define your brand identity

As a business manager of a small or independent business, you know that there’s a lot to know about Facebook Business Pages. But there’s not enough discussion on the need to build an authentic brand identity on Facebook.

Before we get to our top tips for making a killer page, you need to understand what your brand is all about. This is different from your brand name; it's the look, feel, tone, and message you're putting out to the world. Simply put, it’s how others perceive you. Or, how you’d like to be perceived.

So, whether you’re a pet grooming service, a salon, a carpet cleaning business, or an antique store, answer this first. How would you like your customers to regard you? Experimental, solemn, approachable, full of life, trustworthy, funny, traditional, young, reliable, or relaxed?

It can be a combination of characteristics. Try to go beyond thinking "friendly" and "professional" — of course you're those things; every good business is. Brand identity, on the other hand, needs to be about your unique qualities. Ask your customers, staff, family members, or friends to help you define your persona. What comes to their mind first when they think of you or your business?

And remember, it should be something that naturally comes to you.

Now that you know your brand attributes (that’s what those features are collectively called), you can start making your Facebook Page feel very you. To make it easy for your small businesses, here are some top tips to making a compelling Facebook Business Page.

Top tips for nailing your Facebook Business Page

1. Get your information right

Alright, let’s start with the basics. Your primary aim should be to get your vanity URL. Instead of numbers, your Business Page should be

That makes it easy to find you.

In case your business name isn’t available, add your location or “services” to it. The shorter the URL, the better. Now give all the necessary business information, from your website URL to the location to working hours to phone numbers.

While writing your “About” section, remember your desired brand image. So, if you want your business to be a casual and experimental outfit, describe it accordingly.

2. Work on your cover image

Your cover image will be the first impression of your Page. It must not only be inviting and different but convey the character of your business.

It’s not as difficult as it sounds and you don’t have to be a graphic designer. All you have to do is head to Canva and look at their templates. Get inspired by their collection of Facebook covers and create your own in a few easy steps.

3. Choose the right profile picture

The next thing people will notice is your profile picture. Just because it’s a smaller size doesn’t mean you can’t be creative about it.

The easiest option is to upload your logo. But a smarter idea would be to showcase a photograph of you at your job. Remember that your profile picture and cover image shouldn’t duplicate but complement each other.

4. Brand your content

No matter what you post, it should be branded as your content. So, if it’s mere text, end it with the same call to action. If it’s an image, you can use the same font and colour scheme to write your text.

Go back to your desired brand identity and work within those directions. You want your salon to be experimental? Try pop colours. Professional? Blue is a tried and tested best.

5. Videos can be magical

It’s one thing to say that you’re the best in the business. It’s a totally different experience to see the difference you make through a video.

Even the most ordinary parts of your service can seem magical with a simple before-after video. You can shoot one with a smartphone and add the music yourself.

Where will you find the right music? Thankfully, Facebook itself has a ton of music that you can use without worrying about fees or copyright.

6. Be consistent and engaging

More than anything else, remember that it's better to regularly post content than post multiple pieces in one go. Facebook loves frequency more than intensity.

Also, engage your audience. Ask them questions, and conduct polls. But whatever you do, remember your brand identity. Work within those characteristics.

7. Humanise your brand

Finally, show that you’re human. Along with all the posts about your business, say something about how you started and all those who helped you out. Tag them and thank them.

Write about how you fail at times and how your family and friends support you. Laugh at yourself. Out loud. That’s how you become relatable and likeable.

And when it comes to using images…

Remember to only use properly licensed royalty-free images or photographs that you have permission to use. Reverse Google image searches mean that people can easily discover where their images have been used without permission. The rules apply even if you delete it later. Alongside copyright violations, there’s a whole host of other legal infringements that can put you seriously out of pocket later down the line.

In short

You don’t need a digital marketing agency or a designer to make a killer Facebook Business Page. You have free resources, templates, and inspiring examples to choose from. All it takes is consistent effort and patience.

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