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The most effective ways to send personalized text messages (and why your business should start today)

Personalized text messages are one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to make your customers love you and boost your return on investment
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Standing out in a sea of businesses takes a personal touch. This can make digital marketing tricky for companies that want to connect with new and existing customers without coming off spammy or robotic. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sending your customers personalized text messages is easy, cost-efficient and effective at making the connection you need.

Will personalized text messages really help your small business?

Whether it’s from social media, television or any number of other sources, consumers are bombarded with advertising every day. Even targeted ads for things they need can be nauseating after a while. The antidote to this problem is personalization. People want to feel as though they are being spoken to on an individual level, rather than being a statistic to throw ads at.

Personalized text messages help you stand out from the crowd. Using a customer’s name and choosing to advertise to them at relevant times will make them feel like your brand is trying to help them out rather than make a quick buck. Ultimately, text message conversations bring businesses and customers together.

How to send personalized text messages

  1. Collect and organise information – The first step is the most essential. It’s best to make this as quick, easy and painless as possible for the customer. Surveys are the most common method, as they offer the extra benefit of receiving feedback from customers and making them feel empowered from the start.

  2. Organise and segment the data - Once you have enough information, you can begin dividing customers up by demographics who might want different things. Knowing your customer is essential and personalization doesn’t work if everyone receives an identical message.

  3. Send personalized messages – Once you have your lists sorted out, it’s time to begin targeted campaigns. Learn how to send text messages in ways that make customers feel valued and spoken to. One of the best ways to appeal to customers is to offer something free or discounted, so they feel like it is a special deal just for them. We’ve listed some great examples of various types of messages below.

  4. Consider your ROI (return on investment) – No marketing campaign is worth embarking on if it doesn’t deliver results. Once you’ve run a campaign for a little while, check the numbers to make sure it’s working. If it isn’t, make adjustments and try again. The good news is that this marketing method has a low investment cost.

Great examples of personalized texts

  1. Hello [NAME], it’s been about six months since your last oil change at [GARAGE NAME], would you like to schedule one now?

  2. Good news [NAME], the product you ordered from [BUSINESS] just shipped! It will be arriving in 2-3 business days.

  3. Hi [NAME], we’re celebrating two years in business. Come to [BUSINESS] today only for 25% off any item in the store.

  4. Hi [NAME], we’re offering a free appetiser to the first 100 customers that come in to [RESTAURANT NAME] tonight. Want to make a reservation?

  5. Hey [NAME], looks like [CITY] has a big freeze coming. Bring your [CAR MAKE AND MODEL] into [BUSINESS] for a checkup, including a free battery inspection.

Mistakes to avoid with personalized text messages

  1. Make sure your customers’ details are correct – This is absolutely crucial. If your details are incorrect, not only are you potentially marketing to the wrong demographic, but you’ve destroyed the personal connection you hoped to achieve. Double-check data and be extra careful when collecting it.

  2. Don’t be annoying – If you send your customer a text every single day, they probably won’t think much of you after a week. Did your customers receive an oil change? Text them after six months to remind them it’s time for a new one. Don’t text them an hour after they leave the shop to see if they want to buy a muffler. They might unsubscribe or block you.

  3. Make sure the customers know who you are – This one may seem obvious, but it is easy to overlook. If a customer receives a 25% offer from an unspecified company, how will they know how to use it? Always include your business’s name in the text.

In short

In practice, sending personalized text messages to aid your small business is both easy and effective. It connects companies to customers in a direct, targeted way that makes them feel valued. Just maintain the cycle of collecting information, sending messages and making adjustments based on ROI. Good luck!

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