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23 May 2022
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How can call masking protect your business and your customers?

Call masking is used to protect a caller's phone number. It has a number of advantages, not just for businesses but also for their customers
How call masking can protect your business

Data privacy in the digital world is a serious concern not just for customers but also for advocacy groups and governments. Among the many tools to improve customer privacy, call masking has become one of the most effective.

But it isn’t just customers who benefit from call masking. Businesses can also stand to gain from it. Before we get to its benefits, let’s first understand more about call masking.

What is call masking?

Also known as ‘phone number masking’, call masking connects the caller and receiver without revealing their real phone numbers. The number gets masked to give both parties a safe environment to connect to each other for their call(s).

The temporary phone number ensures that their real mobile phone numbers are not exchanged during the call.

Phone number masking and tracking

Let’s say that your restaurant’s delivery person is on the way and is confused about the recipient’s address. They want to call the customer to confirm the address. With phone masking, their call to the customer will hide the numbers of both parties.

The delivery person doesn’t have the customer’s real number. All they have is an option on their phone that says ‘Call customer.’ When they press on it, the call first goes to a call masking software. The call is forwarded to the customer but they will see a different number on their device.

The numbers of both the caller and the receiver are hidden by the call masking software. And, even if they text each other, their numbers will be masked.

How call masking can improve customer experience

Builds trust

Call masking shows that a business values its customer’s concerns about privacy. Now customers can freely call businesses without worrying about the exposure of their phone numbers. This will increase their trust in the business and encourage them to buy more and recommend it to others who are also concerned about privacy.

Improves customer engagement

When customers can freely talk to a business, they’re more likely to get the right solution to their problem. Instead of having to write long emails with the order details, they can talk to customer service without worrying about data privacy. This can significantly improve customer experiences.

Gets speedy response

If a customer gets the wrong order or is worried about the delivery time, they can immediately call up the business and get a response. An email may not be replied to immediately but in all likelihood, a call will be taken quickly.

How can call masking improve your business?

Improves security

Small businesses without designated customer support numbers or outsourced call centre operations can talk to customers without worrying about data privacy. Your team members won’t have to worry about strangers getting their phone numbers.

Better work-life balance

When their personal numbers are protected, employees won’t have to worry about getting calls on their numbers. This helps them set boundaries, reduces stress and improves their work-life balance.

Helps with tracking

Call masking software will also reveal data about customer interactions that a business can use to improve its customer service. If customers have to wait long to be answered or if they have to call multiple times, the business can now take steps to correct those issues and improve its customer service experience.

Improves brand equity

When customers can call and get their problems or queries addressed quickly, it will improve your brand equity. This will encourage them to leave better online reviews of your business. On the contrary, if they're unsatisfied and have your personal number, they might share that online.

Which businesses should consider call masking?

If your small business is into any of these sectors, you should consider call masking:

  • E-commerce: Customers will be more encouraged to call your support numbers, which will lead to speedier resolutions.

  • Ridesharing: Drivers and passengers can communicate without either party getting the other’s number.

  • Healthcare: Doctors can protect their personal numbers and still give voice consultations.

  • Logistics: Your delivery partners can talk to customers without revealing their phone numbers.

  • Credit collection: If your recovery agents keep calling from the same number, errant customers may block them.

Chalkboard: The more secure alternative to call masking

Call masking is helpful, but it’s only a temporary solution for a larger problem. If you value the privacy of your business and its customers, what you need is a dedicated second line for work from Chalkboard.

Like other top virtual number apps, Chalkboard gives you a virtual number that you can freely share with your customers. You can organise your contacts and broadcast messages to whole groups. With Chalkboard’s messaging function, you can talk to your customers like friends.

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