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FAQs: Answering your Facebook Reviews questions

Facebook Reviews are important to your business; here are the most common questions about Facebook Reviews and their answers
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Facebook is not just a platform for small businesses to engage with their customers. It’s also a platform for customers to review those businesses and services. That makes Facebook Reviews (now Recommendations) vital for the online reputation management of independent businesses.

While you may know the importance of Facebook Reviews to your business, you may not have the time to be aware of all the updates and guidelines. You may have questions about the platform as both a business owner and a customer. To help you out, here are the most common questions about Facebook Reviews and their answers.

How do I turn on Facebook Reviews?

First things first, you need to switch on your Facebook reviews — otherwise, you won’t be getting any! On your business Facebook Page, towards the bottom left side, you’ll see Page Settings. Click on that and go to Templates and Tabs. Now you can click toward the right of Reviews and turn it on.

How do I get customers to recommend my business on Facebook?

You should be actively seeking customer reviews through all possible channels. You can ask them in person when they visit your business or text or email them later. When you contact them, make it easy for them by sending a link to your Facebook Business Page. You should also add that link to your website and all other digital listings.

Is Facebook Reviews the same as Facebook Recommendations?

Yes, since 2018, Reviews has become Recommendations. There have been updates, but it’s largely the same thing.

What’s the difference between Reviews and Recommendations?

The principal difference is that Facebook has taken away the 5-star rating. Now, it will ask a user whether they recommend a business or not. The user can click on either the “Yes” or “No” buttons. Love it or hate it, that’s the deal now.

How do I leave a review or Recommendation on a Facebook Page?

You can search for the business and go to its Business Page. There, on the left side, you’ll see the button for “Recommendations.” You can choose between “Yes” or “No” and click “Post,” choose your audience and then post it.

What are the tabs on Recommendations?

While clicking on “Yes” or “No,” you have the option to choose from the many tabs. For example, you could click on “fast service.” This allows you to give your Recommendation on a specific aspect of the listed business.

How do I see the Recommendations on my business's Facebook Page?

Sign in to Facebook and go to your Business Page. On the left side, click on Reviews or Recommendations.

Can you add a photo when you recommend a business?

Yes, you can. On the Recommendations tab, you can click on “Yes.” Together with the Recommendation, you can add a photo.

Can I keep the Recommendations on my Facebook Page private?

No, you cannot. All Recommendations are public by default.

If I recommend a business on Facebook, can everyone see it?

While posting a Recommendation, you have the option of selecting the audience that will see it. You can either choose Friends and only allow them to see it. Or, you can keep your Recommendation public.

What’s the difference between a private and public Recommendation on Facebook?

Private Recommendations do not play a part in a Page’s rating. Only those Recommendations set to public are calculated for a Page’s total rating.

How to delete reviews on Facebook

You can delete or hide someone’s comments on your Facebook Business Page. But you cannot delete their reviews or Recommendations. If you’re wondering why — or what you can do about it — we’ve got a whole article on that here.

How to turn off reviews on Facebook

Go to your business’s Facebook Page. Then, click on Settings and go to Templates and Tabs. There you can click toward the right of Reviews to turn them off.

Why can't I see all my Facebook reviews?

Go to Settings on your Page and then click on Templates and Tabs. Check whether you have turned on your reviews.

Why can I not recommend my Page on Facebook?

Like most digital reviews, you can’t rate or recommend your own business. You can of course do everything else to make your Page more engaging and customer-friendly.

Can you block an individual who hasn’t liked your Page?

Yes, you can. Go to Settings, then, People and other Pages. Then go to Banned People and Pages and select “+ Ban a person.”

What are Insights on Facebook Recommendations?

Insights show you how many times people have recommended your Page through their posts or comments. You can find Insights on the left side of your Page. If you click on it, you’ll see Recommendations.

In short

All social media platforms are evolving their reviews or recommendations to make it easier for customers to find highly rated places. Managing Facebook Reviews is integral to reaching and converting more users into customers. Hopefully, this list has answered some of your more common questions regarding Facebook Reviews.

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