How contact cards work

Contact cards make up your Chalkboard phonebook and are a great way to store all the information you need separately from your device's native phonebook allowing you to stay in control and keep your work and personal information separate.

What information can I store in contact cards?
  • Multiple phone numbers

  • Multiple email addresses

  • Company name

  • Website URL

  • Date of birth of the contact

  • Address

  • Notes

Use our contact cards as a mini CRM - apply labels to numbers and emails and add notes on the fly to keep things organised.

Handling multiple numbers

When saving multiple numbers in Chalkboard, we give you the ability to label each number accordingly so you can keep track of your customers' information.

The first number saved into a contact card becomes the “main number” and is used as the number associated with our lists feature - it's worth adding the primary number you’ll use to communicate with your customer as the main number when creating a contact card.

Chalkboard handles multiple phone numbers the same way your device does when making a call, simply click on the number within the contact card to call instantly or press the phone icon and choose a number accordingly.

Messaging from a contact card is handled in the same way, just click the message icon to start a chat or continue the previous chat. You’ll be asked to choose a phone number if there is more than one.

What are lists?

Lists are a great way to add a contact’s main number to as many mailing lists as you could need - think of a list as a way of managing a number in multiple ways via your very own marketing tool.

Lists are made up of multiple contact numbers, which is why we only ever apply the main number from a contact card to a list so we can ensure your contacts don’t get the same message, multiple times!

Using the lists feature

Simply click Add to list within the contact card and select from any existing lists or create a new one to suit your needs.

Once the main number has been added to a list, the list will show within the contact card.

You can manage the list from the Lists tab in the Phonebook - simply click on the list to rename, add/remove contacts or delete the list entirely.

Adding in multiple email addresses

Whilst Chalkboard doesn’t currently allow you to email your contacts in app, we always want you to be able to capture as much information as you need to be able to run your business so we’ve made sure you can add multiple email addresses if required.

You’ll notice that emails (as well as addresses and website links) show as blue links in a saved contact card - as long as you have an app installed on your device to handle these links you’ll be able to use them as a quick link to launch the app and use the information.

What can I add to the notes field?

Here at Chalkboard we couldn’t live without being able to jot down notes, so we don’t expect you to either!

Notes are a great way to keep track of conversations you’ve had with customers, jot down any key information you need to keep in mind or simply add in a customer’s likes and dislikes.

Blocking a contact card

Unwanted contact can be a pain when you’re trying to focus on business, so we’ve added in the block feature within contact cards so you can quickly and effectively block the entire contact card, irrespective of how many numbers there are so you can continue to focus on what’s important.

Updated 235 days ago.

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