Bulk importing your contacts to Chalkboard

Have you moved to Chalkboard from another provider and got an export file full of customer data or perhaps you've got a standalone CRM system packed full of customer data you want to use with Chalkboard - either way we've made it as simple as possible to import, in bulk, that data to your workspace in just a few steps.

Can all users bulk import contacts to Chalkboard?

No, only a workspace owner can import contacts to Chalkboard at this time.

What can I import to Chalkboard?

Per contact, you're able to import:

  • First/last name
  • Multiple phone numbers
  • Multiple email addresses
  • Date of birth
  • Contact notes
  • Company name
  • Website URL

Once imported, each contact, with all the data imported, will have a contact card created in Chalkboard and you'll be able to edit or add further details accordingly.

You can learn more about contact cards here.

Is there a limit to how many contacts I can import in one go?

No, you're free to import as many contacts as you need!

Can I use my own import template?

No, we need you to use our template when importing data - you'll be able to download the file when you start the import process.

It's important that you keep the columns exactly as they are and don't add any additional import options otherwise the import will fail.

We will need the import file submitted to us in CSV format, but don't worry, we give you all the information you need when you start the process.

Can I share the imported contacts?

Imported contacts can either be kept private to the workspace owner, or shared with all users within the workspace - we ask for this information when you process your import data to us.

How are imported contacts owned in Chalkboard?

Once imported, contacts are still owned by the workspace owner, meaning you can always change the sharing preferences (including to stop sharing) straight from the app.

You can learn more about sharing contacts in Chalkboard here.

How long does it take to import the data?

Once the import sheet is submitted to us, we can usually finalise the import in a few minutes meaning you can get started using your new contacts in Chalkboard in next to no time.

How do I start the process?

If you're the account owner or an admin, you can start the import process directly from the app by:

  • Tapping on your user profile icon (top left)
  • Tap on Manage workspace
  • Tap on Bulk import contacts

Alternatively, you can tap the link here via desktop to get started.

Updated 215 days ago.

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