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The best invoicing apps for small businesses with big ambition

Top invoicing apps that small businesses can use to automate their finances, streamline workflows and get paid on time
Invoicing apps for small businesses

Being a small business owner means handling several things by yourself. In between all your routine tasks, it’s easy to lose track of your invoices, which will result in late payments. The easiest way to avoid that is by using invoicing apps for small businesses.

Other than second-line apps, what else do we love at Chalkboard? That’s right, automation! We love the fact that there are expense-tracking apps, accounting software and other mobile-friendly apps that make the lives of small businesses easier. It’s now time to add invoicing apps for small businesses to that list.

Why do small businesses need invoicing apps?

Quite simply, you’ll save time as you won’t have to manually create invoices every time you need to bill someone. Invoicing apps for small businesses will also send emails to remind the client or customer which will avoid late payments.

An invoicing app will also make your business seem professional since your invoices will have your company branding and information. Finally, invoicing apps will let small businesses gain insights into your business’s financial health when you integrate them with the right accounting software.

To help you choose the right one, here’s Chalkboard’s list of the best invoicing apps for small businesses.


Packed with business tools, QuickBooks makes invoicing exceptionally easy for small businesses. Recognised by the HMRC, it offers multi-currency support and can streamline your invoices by tracking payments and accepting invoice payments online.


£8 per month for self-employed

£12 per month (Simple Start) for companies and sole traders


The best part about FreshBooks is that you can create professional-looking invoices for your small business in a matter of seconds. Other than expediting payments, the app will also send thank you emails to your clients.


The Lite plan starts at £4.35 per month

The Plus plan will cost you £7.25 per month


This cloud app lets you generate beautiful invoices in under a minute. With Invoicely, you get to comprehensively manage your finances in one place. You can also accept payments from all major gateways and credit cards with ease.


The free plan allows you to send five invoices a month

The basic plan for small businesses costs £7.25 per month


An accounting app, KashFlow is a business based in the UK. That makes their features relevant to small businesses and sole traders in the country. For example, you’ll be able to easily file VAT returns with the app. It also lets you create invoices out of quotes and reminds you about any late-paying clients.


Starts at £8 a month


Here’s an invoicing app made exclusively for the needs of sole traders and small businesses. Zervant can create and track invoices and remind clients if they haven’t paid on time. You can even generate invoices without having to sign up.


With the free plan, you can send unlimited invoices to a total of five recipients

The premium plan will cost you £8 a month

Free invoicing apps for small businesses


Invoicing, payments and fraud protection are only some of the features of PayPal. The payment behemoth allows you to accept payments whether online, in-person or even through an email or phone call. While the service is free, you’ll have to pay 2.9% plus an additional fee for invoice transactions.

Zoho Invoice

Want to generate a quick invoice? Zoho Invoice lets you create one without having to sign up. When you register, you’ll be able to send invoices to multiple clients, automate reminders and adapt payments to local currencies. The service is free for now.


You can send invoices and receive next-day deposits with Zettle, part of the Zettle Go app. It’s extremely easy to set up and with ready-made templates, you’ll be able to send your first invoice out in seconds.

In short

As a small business owner, freelancer or sole trader, what you want is to focus your energy on what matters the most. With invoicing apps for small businesses, you can forget repetitive accounting chores and concentrate on your core competency or your high-value tasks.

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