Add team numbers to any phone

Keep work separate, personal numbers private, and share calls and texts with your team 🚀
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Better than a phone system

All the business calling and messaging features you need, without a phone system.
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Everything, in one app

It's all the best bits from a phone system, without the phone system! Just a few taps is all it takes.

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More convenient than work phones

Your team can put separate business numbers on their personal phones. They'll thank you for it.

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Don't use personal numbers for business

Call history and messages can easily get lost. Chalkboard makes everything central and shareable.

Add (or remove) numbers with just a few taps

Choose from thousands of available phone numbers, personalise them and share them with your team. Add or remove numbers whenever you need.

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Share numbers, or keep them private

Your team can share numbers, or have one or more private numbers just for themselves.

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Send messages to many contacts at once

Broadcasts allow you organise contacts into lists, then send updates without having to message individually.

Send to List

Call and messaging features

Included with every Chalkboard number is a set of advanced call and messaging features. Everything your team needs in one place.

Add more to conversations

Send and receive photos, videos, documents, contacts, and voice notes.

Voicemail with transcription

Create customisable greetings, then play your voicemails right from the app. We'll even transcribe them into text.

Auto-reply to missed calls

Write an auto-reply message that when activated, will send to anyone whose call you miss.

Block unwanted contact

Permanently block spam or other nuisance numbers with just a couple of taps.

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Share calls amongst the team 🤙

When a call comes in, any members of your team that have been added to a number can pick up. Share the burden of taking calls.

It works the same for making calls. Anyone invited to a number can make a call from the number.

Messages or Home

A shared inbox for messages 📥

Just like with calls, the team can share text messages too. Just invite them to a number, and they'll see a shared inbox of text messages.

All history with the contact is available in one, clear, central thread.

You’ll wonder how you managed your business without it

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Reply consistently with templates

Make replying quicker and more consistent by sharing common replies for the team to use.

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Centralised team phonebook

Share contacts inside Chalkboard. Use it like a pocket-sized team database.

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Add notes and data to contacts

Store numbers, addresses, notes, dates, and more, against each contact. Organise contacts into lists.

Puts you in control as a business owner

Chalkboard makes it easy to keep track of your team communications and customer data.
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Avoid having data siloed on team phones

You're always within reach of every call, message, and contact, should you need to be. They're not stranded on your team's personal phones.

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Revoke access when you need to

You can revoke access for a team member remotely, and still keep access to their number, messages and contacts.

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Comply with privacy regulations

Privacy regulations are tougher than ever. Chalkboard helps keep everything together, and makes it easy to delete data when needed.

Everything for a great work/life balance ⚖️

Set your team's working hours

Set your team's working hours for each number. Send callers to voicemail, or auto-reply outside those times.

Keep personal numbers private

Chalkboard lets your team use their mobile phones for work without revealing their personal phone numbers.

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Separate work contacts

Keep all business calls, messages, and contacts within the Chalkboard app. The team won't need to mix business and personal again.

Recognise business calls

Your team will always know when an important business call is incoming. Give them the heads up they need to make sure every call is answered professionally.

Caller ID

How do businesses use Chalkboard?

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Instead of a phone system. Phone systems tie your team to desks and can be complicated to configure. Chalkboard is the simpler alternative to clunky old phone systems.

Instead of a phone system

Replacement for work phones. Use Chalkboard instead of assigning your team physical work phones. Avoid the pitfalls of letting your team use their own phones for work.

Replacement for work phones

It's so easy to get started ☕️

Port numbers in and out

You can always port your existing numbers to Chalkboard in a few simple steps. It's also easy to port any phone number away.

Try for free, instant setup

Every new user gets a 7 day trial, with nothing to pay if you decide not to continue before 7 days is up.

Apps your team will love to use

Our business-ready app is on the Apple App Store® (for iPhones®), or on Google Play (for Android phones).

Support when you need it

For the occasional moments when you need a helping hand or encounter a problem, we’re here to help.

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What people say about Chalkboard

10 Sept 2023

I subscribed almost instantly and have been using the app now for over a year and it has become an integral part of my business success.

Chalkboard frequently add new features and update their members and they’re always on hand if you need them.

9 Jun 2022

The app has some great features… I love that it includes voicemail, but also that I can send a text response to missed calls.

Receiving voicemail messages as both a sound and text message is brilliant. Being able to ‘broadcast’ text messages to lists is really useful.

Kyle Chamberd
17 Aug 2022

Great service, my customers love that I send texts instead of emails now.

17 Aug 2021

We have been using this app for guest related after hour services in our hotel and it’s working very well.

27 Feb 2023

Great tool! Very quick to setup and made it easy to manage all my business reviews anywhere!

12 Jan 2022

This app does what it’s supposed to do — give you a second number — and it’s inexpensive. Their support is truly great.

Maker from Msp
28 Sept 2021

Slick app, no extra fees. Makes updating my customers easy and sends work calls to my current phone.

28 Nov 2022

Ticks all the boxes, great price for the features in app and the 7 day trial really helps to get to grips with what you can do.

robé rto
26 Nov 2021

Best app ever for business, I love that it texts a reply after a missed call, that is ingenious!!! I’m a restaurant and I don’t take orders over the phone so it is awesome that it reply’s with my site to order online!! I love this app!!!

Paul Hooper
6 Nov 2020

Very handy utility for gathering reviews on Facebook and Google

Gabriele Kreutzlucken-Swift
18 Mar 2021

Easy to use, great app

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