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VoIP dropped calls: How to identify causes and correct them quickly

Too many VoIP dropped calls? Here's how to solve the problem
VoIP dropped calls and fixes

While VoIP phone systems have several advantages, you might also face VoIP dropped calls at times. This article will explain why it happens and what you can do about it.

What are dropped calls?

Everyone is probably familiar with a dropped call. It happens when a phone’s connection to the telecommunication network is prematurely terminated. A lack of network coverage or faulty SIM could be the reason for these dropped calls.

Since businesses are increasingly migrating to VoIP, it’s good to specifically understand what we mean by VoIP dropped calls. VoIP phones rely on the internet to connect callers. VoIP dropped calls occur when the internet connection is unreliable or if you have issues with your router.

How to fix dropped calls on a cloud-phone system

The good news is that even without technical expertise, you can solve the VoIP dropped calls problem by taking any of these steps.

Find network issues

Top-rated VoIP providers will notify you if they suspect problems with the network or connection. If you have these issues, you can restart your VoIP application or reset the network settings. It could also be due to a patchy internet connection on the receiver’s end.

Look for app-specific problems

VoIP dropped calls can also happen due to problems with the app. These will make it crash when you’re on a call. The solution is to reset your browser or device.

Check your internet speed

The most common culprit behind VoIP dropped calls is a spotty WiFi connection. This usually happens when you use an unsecured public WiFi network. If it happens in your office or residence, check your internet speed and if it’s slow, upgrade your plan.

Shift to an ethernet connection

If you routinely face WiFi problems, it may be time to get an ethernet connection. They might seem old-fashioned but they’re vastly more reliable and come with little fluctuation in internet speed.

Move the router

Your router could be in a corner or some large object (including a wall) could be blocking the signal. Move your router around in your office or residence and check your internet speed. If you sit far away from the router, get a WiFi extender or WiFi booster.

Reboot the router

The old "turn it off and back on" suggestion could be the solution to your VoIP dropped calls issue. It only takes a few seconds to reboot your router and it could get rid of system bugs or solve the overheating issue.

Contact your internet service provider

If you experience VoIP dropped calls despite all these measures, contact your internet service provider. If they don’t seem interested, take too long to get back or can’t solve the problem, it’s better to find a new provider.

Common reasons why your mobile phone is dropping calls

While they’re one of the more common issues, WiFi problems aren’t the only reason for VoIP dropped calls. If you’ve tried all the tips listed above and still have issues, you may have problems related to mobile coverage. Here are the more common challenges and how to solve them.

Your reception is getting blocked

Buildings, trees, rocks and other large objects can block mobile coverage and could be the reason for your VoIP dropped calls. The problem can also occur when you try to connect from a subway or underground parking.

The solution

Whenever possible, move to higher ground. But a more viable solution is to get a signal booster to amplify your cellular signal.

You're far from a mobile tower

Maybe you’re too far away from the nearest cellular tower and that’s the reason for dropped calls. Most towers can provide coverage within a range of around 70 kilometres and if you’re outside of it, call quality will suffer.

The solution

Download an app to see the coverage area of your cellular connection and move to a part of the building where it’s the strongest. Or, you can shift to WiFi calling.

You're in a crowded area

If a cell tower gets too much traffic, your connection could get interrupted, leading to VoIP dropped calls. This is especially true if you use applications that require a lot of bandwidth or if the network has oversubscription.

The solution

WiFi is the solution to network congestion. Using your VoIP provider’s app, connect to a stable WiFi network and you’ll have better call quality.

Problems with app settings

If any of your app settings, from data permissions to caller ID, are wrongly set, there will be problems with VoIP calls. They can also arise if your device’s operating system is outdated.

The solution

Make sure that your data permissions and other settings are rightly set. Also, update your operating system.

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