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Where the energy of its vibrant culture meets the rhythm of enterprise, Louisiana presents a dynamic stage for businesses seeking unique opportunities. A state steeped in history and alive with diversity, Louisiana's economic landscape is a vibrant blend of traditional and emerging sectors. From the steady manufacturing and real estate sectors to professional and business services, Louisiana provides a robust foundation for businesses to grow. Add to this the thriving educational, retail and construction industries and the picture is clear: Louisiana is a hub of activity and growth. But it doesn’t end there. The state also boasts an active scene in wholesale trade, finance, mining, and arts and entertainment, making it a rich tapestry of business possibilities.

Emerging entrepreneurs: Louisiana's promising startup ecosystem

Louisiana's business environment is not just about established industries; it's a promising hub for startups and budding businesses. A host of incubators and accelerators are ready to fuel the growth of your enterprise and a local Louisiana phone number can put you right in the heart of the action.

IdeaGist, an incubator fostering collaboration and idea-sharing and The Idea Village, a nonprofit in New Orleans supporting local startups, are only a couple of the entities dedicated to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in the state. The Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program focuses on businesses in North Louisiana, aiming to diversify and grow the regional economy. Meanwhile, the Nexus Louisiana Tech Park serves as a hub for tech startups, providing the resources these ventures need to thrive.

Beyond the digits: The significance of Louisana’s phone numbers

Considering a 225 Louisiana phone number? That connects you to Baton Rouge, Prairieville and Central. These areas are hubs of economic activity and Baton Rouge, the state capital, is a hotbed of political activity and home to many educational institutions.

Or perhaps the 318 phone number for Shreveport aligns with your target demographic. That would also link your business with other northern Louisiana cities such as Bossier City and Monroe.

If your business wants to make the most of the vibrant culture of Cajun Country, consider a 337 Louisiana phone number to reach Lafayette, Lake Charles and New Iberia in the southwest. Lafayette, often termed 'The Heart of Acadiana,' is known for its unique blend of food, music and culture.

Alternatively, you can secure a New Orleans phone number, associated with the 504 area code, which will connect you with the legendary city renowned worldwide. Known for its unique blend of music, distinctive cuisine and vibrant festivals, New Orleans serves as a powerful magnet for businesses in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Which Louisiana phone numbers can you choose?

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CodeArea served

Area code 225 is located in Louisiana and covers Baton Rouge, Prairieville, and Central. It is the only area code that serves the area.


Area code 318 is located in northern Louisiana and covers Shreveport, Bossier City, and Monroe. It is the only area code that serves the area.


Area code 337 is located in southwestern Louisiana and covers Lafayette, Lake Charles, and New Iberia. It is the only area code that serves the area.


Area code 504 is the area code for New Orleans, LA and the surrounding areas. It is the only area code that serves the area.


Area code 985 is located in Louisiana and covers Houma, Laplace, and Slidell. It is the only area code that serves the area.

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More credibility

Using a Louisiana phone number can help businesses establish trust and credibility with their local customer base and increase the likelihood of customers answering their calls.

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Securing a Louisiana phone number allows your business not just local recognition, but also establishes a sense of community and trust. Whether you're a startup looking to expand or an established business aiming to tap into new markets, Louisiana, with its colourful economic landscape, is ready to welcome you.

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FAQs: Louisiana local numbers

Will I be able to use my Louisiana area code number outside of Louisiana?

Yes, that's a major benefit of using virtual local phone numbers. You'll be able to use your LA number from anywhere in the country (and even whilst you're out of the country!).

Can I only get area codes within Louisiana (LA)?

We can provide virtual numbers for almost anywhere in the country. So you can choose a local virtual number in every area that you serve if you need.

I need more than one LA number, is that possible?

Yes, once you've chosen your first number and logged into the app, you can then add new virtual Louisiana numbers with just a few taps, with instant setup.

Can I use my Louisiana number for SMS (text messages)?

Your virtual number will be fully enabled for phone calls, and also text messaging. It's fully business ready. If you have a team, you can even share the number with others on your team.

How do I answer calls to my phone numbers?

You simply need to install our mobile app, and then you'll be able to receive calls, make calls, and send/reply to text messages too.

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