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Need a Connecticut phone number for your business? Here’s our complete guide.

Unlock business success with a Connecticut phone number

Want to know how to reach more customers, build better relationships, and grow your revenue in Connecticut? One of the most effective ways to achieve business success is through a Connecticut phone number. A local number makes your business seem trustworthy and credible. That removes entry barriers for potential customers to interact with you.

The key industries of the state are aerospace, bioscience and insurance. For small businesses, this offers immense opportunities for partnerships. For that, what you need is a digital-first communication system. And that’s exactly what you get with a local Connecticut phone number.

An innovative number for a growing state

If you’re a tech startup or small business, here’s why Connecticut is the place to be. The state has been becoming a hub of technological innovation, ranking fourth in the country for patents per capita. That’s not all, the state ranks sixth in high-tech job concentration.

With a Chalkboard Connecticut phone number, you get a virtual phone number that’s affordable and exceedingly easy to use. You don’t even have to be in the state to use the number. You can route all incoming calls and texts to any of your connected devices. You can also share your number with your team to enhance responsiveness.

Which Connecticut phone numbers can you choose?

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CodeArea served

Area code 203 is located in southwestern Connecticut and covers Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, Waterbury, and Norwalk. It has a single overlay (475) that serves the same area.


Area code 475 is located in southwestern Connecticut and covers Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, Waterbury, and Norwalk. It is an overlay for area code 203 and serves the same area.


Area code 860 is located in northeastern Connecticut and covers Hartford, New Britain, West Hartford, Bristol, and East Hartford. It has a single overlay (959) that serves the same area.


Area code 959 is located in northeastern Connecticut and covers Hartford, New Britain, West Hartford, Bristol, and East Hartford. It is an overlay for area code 860 and serves the same area.

How to use your Connecticut phone number

Just install the app, choose your new phone numbers and start calling & messaging with the whole team straight away.

Choose business phone numbers

Choose the virtual Connecticut phone number that you like and secure it instantly. There's no setup fees.

Install the app

It's available on the Apple App Store® (for iPhone®), or on Google Play (for Android phones such as Samsung).

Customise your virtual numbers

Set up your customisable auto-replies and voicemails. Don’t worry if you miss something, you can always make changes later. There are no extra charge for features or calls.

Invite the team

With a few more taps, you can invite the rest of your team. When a call comes in, anyone in the team can pick up. It also allows anyone in the team to make calls from the number and send/reply to SMS.

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A versatile number for a strategically connected state

Connecticut’s state’s gross domestic product crossed $250 billion, demonstrating an increase of 0.2 per cent. With Hartford HealthCare, Yale New Haven Health and Raytheon Co. being its major industries, the state is also strategically located between New York and Boston. This opens up additional opportunities for your Connecticut business.

The Connecticut phone number from Chalkboard is a virtual number. Since it has a local area code, it will seem like a Connecticut-based number for callers. Plus, you get advanced features such as group broadcast, contact lists for organisation and number sharing. That makes your business more professional and productive.

Connecticut local area codes

Small businesses in the state create around $71.3 billion in annual income and wages. By choosing any of these Connecticut area codes, you can also acquire more customers and grow your business.

Get started with your new Connecticut phone number

At $76,456, Connecticut’s disposable personal income places it way beyond the national average. With a Chalkboard Connecticut phone number, you can connect with this upwardly mobile class at a better level. You can accelerate your marketing, provide personalised customer service and improve your profits.

The easy way to share phone numbers with your team

Chalkboard gives you all the business calling and messaging features you need, without a phone system.

Completely flexible

Text and call as a team with shared or private numbers. Flexible and simple.

Takes minutes to set up

No contracts, no phone system, no SIM cards, and no configuration. Just install the app and go!

All the features you need

Including missed call auto-reply, working hours, templates, and much more...

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Select your Connecticut number, instant free setup

You can take a free trial of Chalkboard and discover all of our great features, without any commitment or risk.

It's the easy way for your team to text and call together without the hassle and complexity of a phone system!

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FAQs: Connecticut local numbers

Will I be able to use my Connecticut area code number outside of Connecticut?

Yes, that's a major benefit of using virtual local phone numbers. You'll be able to use your CT number from anywhere in the country (and even whilst you're out of the country!).

Can I only get area codes within Connecticut (CT)?

We can provide virtual numbers for almost anywhere in the country. So you can choose a local virtual number in every area that you serve if you need.

I need more than one CT number, is that possible?

Yes, once you've chosen your first number and logged into the app, you can then add new virtual Connecticut numbers with just a few taps, with instant setup.

Can I use my Connecticut number for SMS (text messages)?

Your virtual number will be fully enabled for phone calls, and also text messaging. It's fully business ready. If you have a team, you can even share the number with others on your team.

How do I answer calls to my phone numbers?

You simply need to install our mobile app, and then you'll be able to receive calls, make calls, and send/reply to text messages too.

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