North East and Cumbria phone numbers

Need a North East and Cumbria phone number for your business? Here’s our complete guide.
North East and Cumbria

What can you use a North East and Cumbria number for?

Using a local North East and Cumbria area code phone number can be advantageous for businesses because it can help them establish a local presence and increase trust with customers who prefer to do business with local companies. Additionally, customers are more likely to answer calls from a North East and Cumbria number as they are more familiar with the area code.

Why do customers trust North East and Cumbria numbers?

Customers tend to be more familiar with the local area code and may assume that the business is located in North East and Cumbria. This can create a sense of trust and familiarity as customers may feel more comfortable doing business with a company that is geographically close to them.

In addition, local phone numbers may be seen as more legitimate and trustworthy than toll-free or non-geographic phone numbers, which are often associated with telemarketing and scams. Customers may be more likely to answer calls from North East and Cumbria numbers because they are less likely to be spam or unwanted calls.

We can help you get a local North East and Cumbria area code

Businesses can use virtual phone numbers to appear more local by obtaining a virtual number with a North East and Cumbria area code. Virtual phone numbers are essentially phone numbers that are not tied to a specific physical phone line, but instead, they can be routed to any phone number or device the business chooses.

Chalkboard is a fully app-based service that gives you local business phone numbers (any area code, including North East and Cumbria numbers) that route straight to your mobile phone. It helps you to keep work separate, keep personal numbers private, and share calls and texts with your team.

Which North East and Cumbria phone numbers can you choose?

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CodeTown/CityArea served


Area code 01665 covers postcode NE66



Area code 01668 covers postcode NE66


Barnard Castle

Area code 01833 covers postcode DL12



Area code 01434 covers postcodes NE46 - NE49



Area code 01289 covers postcode TD15


Bishop Auckland/Stanhope

Area code 01388 covers postcodes DL13 & DL14



Area code 01697 covers postcode CA8



Area code 01228 covers postcodes CA1 - CA6 & CA99



Area code 01207 covers postcode DH8



Area code 01325 covers postcodes DL1 - DL3 & DL98



Area code 019467 covers postcodes NE3 - NE7



Area code 01287covers postcode TS14



Area code 01429 covers postcodes TS24 - TS27



Area code 01539 covers postcodes LA8 & LA9



Area code 01830 covers postcode NE19



Area code 01642 covers postcodes TS1 - TS9



Area code 01670 covers postcodes NE61 & NE65



Area code 01661 covers postcode NE42



Area code 01669 covers postcode NE65



Area code 01740 covers postcode TS21

How to use your North East and Cumbria phone number

Just install the app, choose your new phone numbers and start calling & messaging with the whole team straight away.

Choose business phone numbers

Choose the virtual North East and Cumbria phone number that you like and secure it instantly. There's no setup fees.

Install the app

It's available on the Apple App Store® (for iPhone®), or on Google Play (for Android phones such as Samsung).

Customise your virtual numbers

Set up your customisable auto-replies and voicemails. Don’t worry if you miss something, you can always make changes later. There are no extra charge for features or calls.

Invite the team

With a few more taps, you can invite the rest of your team. When a call comes in, anyone in the team can pick up. It also allows anyone in the team to make calls from the number and send/reply to SMS.

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Get a business presence in North East and Cumbria

North East and Cumbria is a UK region with a population of 888,634. Here's what else you need to know if you're thinking of getting a North East and Cumbria telephone number.

About North East and Cumbria

With three World Heritage sites, Durham Cathedral, Hadrian's Wall and the Lakes National Park, the area is steeped in a rich cultural heritage. Cumbria is home to Scafell Pike – its highest mountain, Wastwater – its deepest lake and thriving communities like Keswick and Bowness-on-Windermere.

Area codes

There are 20 area codes available within North East and Cumbria. Chalkboard allows you to buy a local North East and Cumbria area code, and use our simple app to make calls, send messages, and share the number with the rest of your team.

Available area codes

The area codes in North East and Cumbria are 01665, 01668, 01833, 01434, 01289, 01388, 01697, 01228, 01207, 01325, 019467, 01287, 01429, 01539, 01830, 01642, 01670, 01661, 01669 & 01740. Scroll down this page and you'll find links to find out more about each area code.

More credibility

Using a North East and Cumbria phone number can help businesses establish trust and credibility with their local customer base and increase the likelihood of customers answering their calls.

Use with other area codes

With Chalkboard, you can have multiple numbers (all with different area codes), route calls and text messages straight through to your phone. You don't have to be located in the North East and Cumbria area.

A modern, affordable solution

It used to be complicated and expensive getting virtual phone numbers. Now, it's as easy as installing an app and choosing a number that suits you. Chalkboard is affordable too, and pricing is simple & predictable.

The easy way to share phone numbers with your team

Chalkboard gives you all the business calling and messaging features you need, without a phone system.

Completely flexible

Text and call as a team with shared or private numbers. Flexible and simple.

Takes minutes to set up

No contracts, no phone system, no SIM cards, and no configuration. Just install the app and go!

All the features you need

Including missed call auto-reply, working hours, templates, and much more...

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Select your North East and Cumbria number, instant free setup

You can search and buy your new phone number now, with instant activation and free setup.

It's the easy way for your team to text and call together without the hassle and complexity of a phone system!

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FAQs: North East and Cumbria local numbers

Will I be able to use my North East and Cumbria area code number outside of North East and Cumbria?

Yes, that's a major benefit of using virtual local phone numbers. You'll be able to use your NE number from anywhere in the country (and even whilst you're out of the country!).

Can I only get area codes within North East and Cumbria (NE)?

We can provide virtual numbers for almost anywhere in the country. So you can choose a local virtual number in every area that you serve if you need.

I need more than one NE number, is that possible?

Yes, once you've chosen your first number and logged into the app, you can then add new virtual North East and Cumbria numbers with just a few taps, with instant setup.

Can I use my North East and Cumbria number for SMS (text messages)?

Your virtual number will be fully enabled for phone calls, and also text messaging. It's fully business ready. If you have a team, you can even share the number with others on your team.

How do I answer calls to my phone numbers?

You simply need to install our mobile app, and then you'll be able to receive calls, make calls, and send/reply to text messages too.