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Text message templates for reminding customers to leave a review

Wondering how to word that text message reminder asking for a review? Here are 17 templates you can use, in a variety of voices and styles.
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Reminding customers by text message is a great way to get more reviews. SMS is one of the most effective ways to get customers to quickly leave a review. They're short, direct and straightforward — customers prefer texts to being inundated with text and pictures. But if you’re not a natural with words then their short nature (160 characters, in fact!), can make it tricky to compile the perfect reminder text message. Here are some follow-up texts you can use to prompt customers to share their experiences.

But first, one quick tip: You know you need to include a URL in your email, to send customers to your website to leave a review. But if an SMS is only 160 characters, won’t that take up the whole SMS?

The answer is, no, it doesn’t have to. You can shorten a URL. There are a lot of URL shortener websites out there; Bitly and TinyURL are the most common. TinyURL is free. Either of these will dramatically shorten a URL so you can include it to direct customers to your website. Then they’ll leave that all-important review and you’ll be on your way to fame and success. Or at least one of those, we hope.

We know the hardest part of requesting a review is coming up with what to say, so here are some templates you can use:

For first-time customers

Template 1: Hi {customer first name}! How do you like your {product}? Tell us about it at {shortened URL.

Template 2: Hi [customer first name}. Thank you for your purchase! We’d love it if you’d share your feedback with us at {insert URL here}

Template 3: Hi {customer first name}! We hope you’re loving your {product} from {company name}. Our customers tell us they find reviews helpful, so would you do us a favour and tell us about your experience? Thanks!

For likely-to-repeat customers

If you’re selling something a customer is likely to repurchase, such as beauty products or health supplements, they will likely be back, which is great.

Template 4: Hi {customer first name}! We’re so happy you’ve chosen us to be your {whatever service you provide} company! Could you leave us a review? Thanks! {Insert URL}

Template 5: We know you love your {product} and we’re so grateful for your business! Could you leave us a review? See you next time! {insert URL}

For long-term customers

Long-term customers are the heart of your business. Treat these customers well and they’ll be around for a long time. You can mention this in your texts.

Template 6: Hi {customer first name}. Thanks for always ordering from us at {company name}. We’d love it if you’d share your feedback at {insert URL}. Until next time!

Template 7: Hi {customer first name}! Thanks for being part of the {company name} family! If you could take a second and tell us what we’re doing right, we’d be grateful! {insert URL}

Template 8: Hi {customer first name}, it’s {proprietor name}. Thanks for being such a valued part of {company}. Could you leave us a review? {Insert URL}. Thank you so much!

For those who talk to you on social media

Sometimes customers engage with you on social media. That’s great—capitalise on that enthusiasm by asking them to leave a review. You could send this message as a text, or simply respond to their comments on social media.

Template 9: Hi {customer first name}! We’re so happy you love our products! Could you do us a favour and leave a review on our website? {Insert URL}. Thanks!

Template 10: Hi {customer first name}! Thanks for the love! Could you share your experience by leaving a review? {insert URL}. Thank you—see you next time!

Template 11: Hi {customer first name}! We loved what you said on {insert social platform name}! Could you leave us a review? That would be great! {insert URL}.

For milestones

If you find yourself approaching a certain milestone, such as 100 reviews, or 1,000 customers, you can convey this in a text and ask customers to help you reach your goal.

Template 12: Hi {customer first name}! We’re so excited—we’re less than {number} away from reaching our goal of {number} reviews! Could you help us out? Thanks! {Insert URL}

Template 13: Hi {customer first name}! Did you know that we’re only {number} away from {other number} reviews? Help us reach our goal by telling everyone about your experience {insert URL}. Thanks!

Template 14: Hi {customer first name}! We’re celebrating being only {insert number} away from {other number} customers! Leave us a review? We’d appreciate it! {insert URL}

For the reluctant

Sometimes, the only way to convince customers to leave a review is to reward them. Offer a percentage off, or a free gift, or membership in a rewards programme.

Template 15: Hi {customer first name!} We’re trying to boost our review page! If you follow this link [insert URL} and tell us about your experience, we’ll give you 15% off as a way of saying “thanks!”

Template 16: Hi {customer first name}. Do you fancy 10% off your next purchase! Just follow this link to leave us a review {insert URL} and we’ll take care of you.

Template 17: Hi [customer first name}! If you could do us a favour and leave us a review, we’ll show our appreciation by giving you 15% off your next purchase. Just go here {insert URL} to get your discount.

Getting customers to leave a review is vital to your business. If you’re still struggling, take a look at how SMS reminders can help you get more reviews. The good news is that satisfied customers love to share their experiences, so it’s not hard to get them to review you. They can even increase brand loyalty and customer engagement, not to mention improve SEO. Reviews are here to stay, so make sure you cultivate them.

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