Sequential ring

Sequential ringing is a where an inbound call rings each team member (one at a time) until someone picks up.

What is sequential ring?

Sequential ring, also known as round-robin call distribution, is a powerful feature that allows businesses to ensure that no call goes unanswered. Calls are automatically routed to multiple phone numbers in a predetermined order, ensuring that someone is always available to take a call. This means that whether you're in a meeting, out of the office or on another call, your customers will always have a way to reach you.

When sequential ring is activated, an inbound call will ring one phone, then another, and another, until the call is answered. Sequential ring allows you to customise who is part of the sequential ringing group, giving you control over how calls are handled.

Working as a team

Round-robin call distribution allows your team to work more efficiently together. As the volume of your incoming calls goes up, routing your agents with an equal number of calls can become tricky. Some employees may have to answer more calls than others, leading to overwhelmed and burdened staff and poor performance.

Round-robin call distribution solves that issue for you: it routes calls evenly across different team members, leading to better customer service and happier employees.

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