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10 out-of-office message samples for your auto-reply

You may have missed the call but you won’t miss the business opportunity when you set up the right out-of-office message
Auto reply sample text

Your personal contacts might understand if you’re too busy to take a call. But your business associates and customers might need reassurance. With so many auto-reply sample texts to choose from, now you can let them know why you’re unavailable.

You could be driving or enjoying a family get-together. While those are valid reasons, the individual whose call you missed wouldn’t know that. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, it’s your responsibility to let callers know through an auto-reply sample text and do it in a professional manner.

Reasons to have an out-of-office message

Professionalism: You’re letting the caller know that you value their call. The caller, whether it’s a customer, client or vendor will be reassured when they see that you’ve taken the time to send a message.

Directions: You can choose the right auto reply sample text and inform the caller what to do next. You can give the number of someone else in the team or the email address of customer support.

Freedom: An out-of-office message allows you to spend time with your loved ones or go on that much-needed holiday. It’s the most transparent way to inform others that you’re on a break.

What makes a good out-of-office message

The right out-of-office message should inform the caller how long you will be unavailable. It should also mention when you’ll be back. Importantly, the caller should also know who they can contact in your absence if it’s urgent. Depending on the circumstances, you can add another layer to your message, as we will see in our auto-reply sample texts below.

10 out-of-office message samples for small businesses and entrepreneurs


“Hi, sorry I missed your call as I am in a meeting. I’ll get back to you once I’m free. If it’s an urgent service/product-related issue, please call ______.”


“Hi, sorry I couldn’t take your call as I am driving. I’ll get back to you once I reach the office. If it’s urgent, please call ______.”


“Hi, sorry I missed your call as I am on holiday. I’ll be back in the office on ______. Meanwhile, you may contact _______ for any queries.”

“Hi, sorry I’m unavailable as I am on a much-needed break. I’ll be back fully charged on ______. Meanwhile, you may contact _______ with any queries.”

Appointment scheduling

“Hi, sorry I missed your call as I am ______. If you want to book an appointment, please call ______ or do it via our website _______. Thank you.”

Lead generation

“Hi, sorry I couldn’t take your call as I am ______. Meanwhile, have you heard about our latest _________? Please visit our website ______ for more information. Thank you.”

“Hi, sorry I missed your call as I am ______. Did you know that you can now get a 20 per cent discount by ordering from our website? Visit us at ______ or call _____ for more information.”

Content promotion

“Hi, sorry I couldn’t take your call as I am on a holiday. I’ll connect with you when I’m back on _____. Meanwhile, follow our blog for the latest on [how to save taxes/keep your pets on a diet]. Just click here [insert link]”

Social media

“Hi, sorry I couldn’t take your call as I am in a meeting/on holiday/at a conference. I’ll connect with you when I’m back. Meanwhile, you can follow us on Instagram/Facebook [insert link(s)]”


“Hi, sorry I couldn’t take your call as I am experiencing what rigor mortis feels like (in a finance meeting). I’ll call you when (and if) I come out of this. Meanwhile, you may call _____ for any urgent issues.”

“Hi, sorry I couldn’t take your call. As per instructions from management (partner/husband/wife), I’m concentrating on an important project (family) at a core strategic conclave (holiday). I’ll connect with you when I’m back on _____.”

In short

Just because you run a small business, it doesn’t mean the day-to-day doesn’t get hectic. Hopefully, with these auto-reply sample texts, busy businesses like yours can engage with your contacts respectfully and professionally.

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