Chat to customers like friends

Chalkboard makes it easy to message your customers, whilst keeping your own mobile number private. Business text messaging for business owners operating on the go.
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Your work life is busy enough

Until now, you’ve had to choose between mixing up friends & family with customers on your phone, or using complicated software at your desk. Business text messaging has just got easier.

Giving out your personal number to customers can be confusing and stressful.

We’re betting that you don’t have time for complicated apps.

And sitting down to manage all this at a desk is hard to do!

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Local customers want to message your business

94% of text messages are opened and read by customers.
89% of consumers would like to use messaging to communicate with businesses. ¹
More than 8 out of 10 consumers want to be able to reply to businesses [messages] or engage in a conversation. ²

¹ Analysis by Esendex 2018, global average
² Twilio Global Mobile Messaging Consumer 2016 Report

A simple mobile app, built for you

Chalkboard is a simple mobile text messaging app for small businesses, that gives you just the features you need, nothing more.

Simple and immediate updates

By keeping customers more informed (with updates that will make them feel special), you’ll earn more business. It’s that simple.

Chat with customers

With your Chalkboard number, you can communicate directly with your customers about services, orders or reminders.

Follow up on review requests with chat

Once you use our reviews feature, chat makes it simple to follow up with that happy customer and keep the conversation going.

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You’ll wonder how you managed your business without it

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Delight your customers

Rather than send out bulk emails or post updates on Facebook, customers will feel special by receiving a personal text message.

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Sell more

The more informed your customers are, the easier it is for them to buy what you're selling.

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Make selling easier

By having a direct line to you (that’s separate from your personal number), customers can get answers to their questions quickly - and buy quickly, too!

It’s easy to use, and free to get started

Works in the UK & US. You’ll get a dedicated mobile number just for business, set up in about 30 seconds. Try it for real, for free.

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Chalkboard helps you to earn more reviews too!

Chalkboard also makes it ridiculously simple to ask your customers for reviews, and reply to them. The result? More customers through the door.

You’ll get more positive reviews, and customers will be happy because they can show their appreciation for your business with almost zero effort. Win, win.

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