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Shaina Tennant
20 Apr 2021
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How to get more Google reviews for your small business

Based on the best practices of several high-performing businesses, here are some proven suggestions on how to get more reviews on Google.
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If you own a small local business, Google reviews are one of the most effective ways to grow it. It helps people to trust you and gets the search engine to move you higher in the rankings. Therefore, as a small business owner, getting more Google reviews should be one of your top objectives.

Google reviews are a collection of people’s feedback on products and services. Customers place more credibility on what other people have to say. The number of stars shows the level of trust others place in you. It also helps your visibility in search.

Once you know how it works, you can use the power of Google reviews to your advantage.

If you were to search Google for other services in your vicinity, you will notice that some have more stars than others. This is where things get interesting. For the reviews to sound genuine, the total number of reviews is more important than the star ratings.

A florist with five-star ratings from just four reviews will not sound credible. People will be sceptical. Another florist with four-star ratings from 40 reviews will look more authentic.

The higher the number of reviews, the more credibility for your business. Based on the best practices of several high-performing businesses, here are some proven suggestions on how to get more reviews on Google.

Claim and verify on Google My Business

The first step, of course, is to set up your Google My Business profile. Give the details of your business, the complete address, phone numbers, email, and your business hours. Make sure that the information is the same as in other listings or on your website.

The next step is to get it verified. That’s how Google and the customers will know that it’s yours. This can be through a phone call or the old-fashioned way, through a postcard.

Ask for reviews

The easiest way to get more reviews is by asking your existing customers. Every time you have a satisfied customer, you can reach out to ask for a review. The best time is right after the transaction when your hard work is fresh in their mind.

If you own a salon and your client seems pleased, request a review right then and there. It’s best not to put it off or feel too embarrassed to ask. If large corporations can do it, so can you. Remember, you deserve a positive review for a job well done! Plus, most customers enjoy the opportunity to speak their minds.

If directly asking customers is not an option, you can always text or email them. When you ask for reviews, ask them to talk about specific things they liked. Details are what make the reviews believable.

If it sounds difficult, especially when you have to do it consistently, help is at hand. There are trusted apps and software that can quickly and easily help you to reach out to your customers and send them the link to review your service.

Request reviews online

Your website or social media page is a prime place to ask your customers to leave a review. It’s easy to incorporate into your website or Facebook page. All your customers have to do is click on a link. However, consider that this is an indirect request and may not be as effective as reaching out to customers personally.

If you have an active Facebook Page, you may wonder why you have to request for Google reviews. After all, some of your customers may already be reviewing you on your Facebook page — why would you want to send them elsewhere?

Remember that Google and Facebook reviews serve different purposes, and your business needs both!

Show how they can leave reviews

Not all customers may know how to leave reviews. You may have to show them how to do it.

All they have to do is sign into their Gmail account, and then search Google for your business. They can then click to leave a review. The search engine will ask them to choose a star rating. Once they click on it, they can review and submit it.

If you are reaching out online, you can send a link to your business' Google My Business profile to your customers.

If you are not doing it via a third-party app, you will have to consistently request reviews. Keep in mind that if you are not diligent about it, your competitors will be.

Someone is always growing their business by effectively requesting and managing Google reviews. Someone is always reaching more customers and earning more revenue by taking Google reviews seriously.

With a bit of effort, that someone can be you.

In short

For local businesses without the marketing budget of big players, Google reviews should be an essential aspect of customer outreach. It can get you more organic customers without having to spend anything on advertising.

It will also help you retain your customers and create a positive word-of-mouth push. As you learn how to get more Google reviews, it will become a whole lot easier to grow your local business using the might of the search engine.

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