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19 May 2021
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10 proven benefits of Google My Business Manager that could boost your sales

Google My Business Manager offers a lot of potential for small businesses; find out how your business can use it to boost sales
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Running the online side of a business doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re a small or independent business owner, taking some time to understand the tools available to you is one of the best things you can do to plan your business’ online future.

Google My Business is a resource more and more brands are turning to for digital management. Let's run through 10 proven benefits of Google My Business, so you can have a clearer picture of how you can profitably integrate this platform into your strategy:

It's 100% free — hooray!

The most important thing to note off the bat is that Google My Business is completely free. While larger companies might be more comfortable paying out thousands for suite-level software that does the same function, small business owners know that the first responsibility is always working within your means.

It’s rare to find a resource this useful free of charge. One other factor to consider regarding the price is that this means greater accessibility for more businesses, which leads to a larger network of brands utilising the same technology. This network can help foster collaborations, support systems and greater innovation, meaning that everyone wins in the long run.

It's designed to support small businesses

The important thing to note about that network is that it has been created with businesses like yours in mind. This offers you a certain level of protection from larger companies dominating a disproportionate amount of bandwidth and support.

When it comes to technology, intention is as important as execution. Having a digital resource that is designed around your business needs creates less friction and bottlenecking, and gives you the space to use it as you see fit.

It can work wonders for your SEO

Tech companies love integration. Because they control their development, they reward users who use their technology. Google My Business is developed to work hand in hand with Google's search engine.

This means that registering your business with Google My Business makes you easier to find — also known as search engine optimisation (SEO). This is crucial for driving online traffic to your business and bringing more potential customers through the door.

It offers meaningful analytics

Speaking of integration, Google My Business plays excellently with Google Analytics. This is a platform that allows you to monitor the traffic that goes to your website as well as the search data associated with your business and brand name.

This monitoring gives you access to important information like daily visitors, demographics and geographic information, average time spent on your site and popular pages and links. The great thing about this information is that it allows you to create a more accurate model of your average and ideal customer.

In the digital age, knowing where your customers are and how they like to engage with you is a crucial step towards growth and better customer engagement.

It creates a contact hub for customers

Google My Business is a handy tool for keeping all your contact information in one place. All a customer has to do is put your business into their search engine. This is much more convenient than having to hunt through your website to find contact information.

With Google My Business, your customer interactions are prioritised. This means that anyone who searches for your business on Google can have instant access to all the avenues they’d need to call in for support, book an appointment and communicate directly with your business.

It streamlines customer engagement

Speaking of customer engagement, Google My Business isn’t just limited to letting your audience know how to contact you. It comes with tools to help you communicate directly with them through the platform.

This cuts out the middleman for customers who otherwise would have had to go through their email hosts or pick up the phone. Speed is so essential to communication, and having a way to get quick interactions through can only stand your business in good stead, both in terms of professionalism for your brand and creating a positive customer experience.

It raises your social standing

And a positive customer experience isn’t just limited to a private conversation. Customers who are deeply satisfied with your product can leave reviews on your Google My Business page – creating social proof for the next person and showing that you’re a business worth investing in or working with.

It offers a free media kit

Media kits are essential to marketing, and Google My Business lets you use your online presence to build a media kit. If having a contact hub makes it easier for customers to contact you, then having a media kit makes it easier for publications, business-to-business sites and other promotional platforms to give you more visibility while staying true to your brand messaging.

In summary

As far as tools go, Google My Business offers a lot for small businesses. You don't have to be tech-savvy to learn how to use it effectively, it's easy to set up and its rewards go a long way to helping small businesses thrive online.

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