Why do you need each Google permission?

Connecting your Chalkboard account to a Google business listing is a key part of how we make it so easy to request and manage your reviews for your business. You may notice while setting this up that in order to connect, Chalkboard requires permission to "see, edit, create and delete your Google business listings."

Chalkboard only uses this access to see the list of your businesses, notify you of new reviews, and allow you to reply to any review you receive. Additionally, we do so in a secure environment. For extra comfort and clarity, we've broken down each permission in more detail.

See your Google business listings

We need to be able to present a list of the listings you own so you can choose one to connect to Chalkboard. Often, you'll only have one listing, but it is possible to have many.

When you go to the Manage Reviews section of Chalkboard, we'll show a list of all the ratings posted to your Google business listing. To get this list (and details of the rating itself), we need this permission.

As well as being able to read the details of the ratings on your listing, we need to know who rated your business (so we can show their name and Google thumbnail photo).

Edit your Google business listing

This permission is what allows you to reply to reviews easily through Chalkboard. Without editing access, you'd only be able to view the review.

Create or delete business listing

This permission is something Chalkboard doesn't require to do what we do best. However, the way Google permissions are often 'bundled' together means in order to get the permissions we do need - creating and deleting a listing comes with it. Chalkboard doesn't and will not use the abilities that come with this permission.

How to revoke permissions

If you ever want to disable your Chalkboard from your Google account, you can easily do so here.

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