Why do you need each Facebook permission?

It may be worrying to see Chalkboard ask for so many permissions to access your Facebook account, but you can rest assured that Chalkboard only asks for the permissions it needs, and manages these permissions securely.

What are each of the permissions needed for?

Here's a list of the Facebook permissions we ask for and an explanation of what we do with each permission.

Show a list of Pages you manage

We need to be able to present a list of the pages you own so you can choose one to connect to Chalkboard. Often, you'll only have one page, but it is possible to have many.

Read content posted on the Page

When you go to the Manage Reviews section of Chalkboard, we'll show a list of all the ratings posted to your Facebook Page. To get this list (and details of the rating itself), we need this permission.

Manage accounts, settings, and webhooks for a Page

So that we can notify you as soon as a new rating is received, we ask Facebook to send us a 'webhook'. This is an instant notification from Facebook that something has happened on your Page.

Read user content on your Page

As well as being able to read the details of the ratings on your Page, we need to know who rated your page (so we can show their name and Facebook profile photo).

Manage comments on your Page

If (and only if), you choose to write a reply to a rating, we need permission to post to your page on your behalf. This lets us do that for you.

How to revoke permissions

If you ever decide you don't want to continue to allow Chalkboard to have the above permissions, you can easily remove the Chalkboard app from Facebook.

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