What mobile data or network coverage does Chalkboard need?

Chalkboard is different to many other second line apps that rely 100% on mobile data (or Wi-Fi) to work. To ensure the best quality and reliability of calls, we use both data (for text messages) and your mobile/cellular network (to make and receive calls).

Making calls

When you start a call in Chalkboard, your phone will actually dial your Chalkboard number. But behind the scenes we're forwarding that call onto the customer/number you actually want. Your customer will see a call coming in from your Chalkboard number.

This means that the calls you make come out of your mobile/cellphone inclusive minutes, but most phone packages these days have a very large allowance for calls. Of course, Chalkboard doesn't charge anything for the call.

Bear in mind, you do still need a data connection just before you start a call. This is because we need to register the number you want to reach. Once the call starts, you'll no longer need an active/reliable data connection.

In short: Mobile network coverage and data needed

Receiving calls

When a customer calls your Chalkboard number, we forward that call onto your real phone number. You'll see a call coming in from your Chalkboard number, and when you answer the call, we'll tell you who's calling. You can then choose to accept the call or not.

Receiving calls with Chalkboard does not require any data connection (or Wi-Fi). You do need mobile network coverage (i.e. to be able to receive mobile/cellular calls). This means you won't miss a call even when you don't have mobile data or Wi-Fi access.

In short: Mobile network coverage needed only (no data)

Sending or receiving text messages

You need a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to send and receive text messages (SMS). This is because we send and receive all messages through your data connection rather than through your phone's inclusive text messages allowance.

This applies to all the other features in Chalkboard also (except calls). You will need a data connection or Wi-Fi.

In short: Data connection needed only

Roaming with Chalkboard

It's important to note that you may only make and receive calls to/from mobile or landline numbers within your own country.

However, you can still use Chalkboard whilst roaming, i.e. when in another country, on holiday or on business.

You must make sure you have roaming data and calls enabled. Please check with your phone provider.

When you call a customer, they'll see a call coming from your Chalkboard number. When a customer calls you, they'll hear the standard ringing tone (as if you're still in your home country). Customers or contacts won't be able to tell you're away.

Using Chalkboard on a tablet or another phone

Chalkboard only works as intended on the device that has your verified phone number.

Because it needs mobile network coverage, you won't be able to make and receive calls on a tablet.

Whilst you can install and use Chalkboard on multiple devices at once, making and receiving calls will only work as expected on the original (verified) device. However you can send/receive text messages on multiple devices.

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