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Shaina Tennant
21 Apr 2021
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How to add a manager to Facebook page (the right way)

Here are the different types of Facebook Page roles and how to delegate, view, and edit them.

If you own a small business, you can create Facebook pages for free to complement or even replace a website. As your business grows, so will your customer interactions on social media. That means it’s time to delegate!

Delegate your tasks

Facebook lets you add editors, admins, and moderators to your page. You may want to add different people for several reasons, but may not always want them to be able to edit crucial information. To avoid misunderstandings and protect the important parts of your page, it’s a good idea to curate the management powers of your team.

Here are some breakdowns of what you can ask people to do on your page and how to do so.

1. See the page settings menu on the left side.

When log on to your page, you’ll see the Page Settings menu to the left. This explains everything you can use to manage your page.

2. Click on the Page Roles option

This has a small icon to the left and should turn blue just before you click.

3. You’ll see several options — focus on the top half for now

Facebook will show you a small menu that lets you see who is already managing your page. You can also add a new manager, depending on what you’d like them to do.

4. Choose the type of manager you want the person to be (scroll down for more info)

Facebook lets you choose managers with different capabilities depending on what their role is in your company, or what you want the person to do as a page manager. We’ll break this down later on.

First, when you’re ready to add a new manager, type the person’s name. You should see their picture and information pop up so you can confirm their identity and add them. Be sure to verify that it’s the right person, as Facebook may give you many options. You can also type the person’s email instead. Next, you’ll have the option to select what type of manager they will be.

The different types of management roles on Facebook Pages (and how to add them)

There are several different types of Facebook Page management roles, each with different administrative powers. Here's a quick breakdown.

The Facebook Page Administrator

An administrator, or admin, will be able to do everything you can, including changing the page’s settings, replying on messenger, deleting comments, banning people, creating ads, viewing your page’s insights and adding new managers to the page. Importantly, admins can delete other admins — including the original creator of the page! Only assign an admin role to someone that you know and trust.

If you’re adding a new person and click Assign Page Role, you’ll get to this menu.

By hovering over the grey drop-down button (currently labelled ‘Admin’), you can change the manager type.

The Facebook Page Editor

The second most powerful manager! If you want to add an editor, you can click on the grey icon with an up and down arrow and choose editor.

An editor can do almost everything an admin does except change settings. This is perfect for delegating messaging, insights, ads, and comment moderation abilities without allowing someone to possibly change your page’s settings. Type the person’s name or email so they can become an editor, and voilà!

The Facebook Page ModeratorThe Facebook Page Advertiser

Again, you’ll click on the section to the left of the blue “add” button, and choose Moderator.

As with the admin and editor option, when you choose to add a moderator, the text underneath the text box explains what the manager can do on your page. A moderator can send messages, respond to and delete comments on the Page, create ads, see who created a post or comment and view insights.

The Facebook Page Advertiser

Not everyone on your team will have time to manage comments or answer emails and messages, but if you have a public relations specialist or sales lean on your team, you can assign advertiser duties.

Go to the managerial roles section to the left of the blue “add” button and choose Advertiser.

This person will only be able to create ads on your Facebook page and a connected Instagram account, if applicable.

When you’ve selected the advertiser option, add their name or email of your chosen advertiser to confirm.

The Facebook Page Analyst

The final manager you can add is the Analyst. This person can only see who does what and view the page’s Insights. This is the right role for someone who only needs to know which posts obtain the most or least traction.

Type their name or email to finalise their role.

How to view your existing Facebook page managers

Once you’ve added your managers, Facebook will let you see the names of people and their respective roles in the Existing Page roles area. You can locate this option at the top part of the menu and it will jump to the appropriate section.

How to edit Facebook page managers roles

You can change the management role of a Facebook Page manager at any time. Click on ‘Existing Page roles’ and you will see the option to edit the roles of any of your Facebook Page managers.

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