How do I log into a different Facebook account

If you're signed into a Facebook account that is different to the one that holds the Facebook Page that you want to connect to Chalkboard, you'll first need to log out of the old account before starting the connection steps again.

Otherwise, you'll find that there's no option to log in to a different account on the page where Facebook asks you to give permissions to Chalkboard.

Facebook doesn't allow multiple accounts for the same user, but we know that this does sometimes happen for legitimate reasons.
Log out of Facebook

On the phone where you want to use Chalkboard, you'll need to make sure you're logged out of Facebook within your browser.

To log out of the website version of Facebook, open Facebook in your browser. Click the "3 lines" ☰ menu icon, scroll to the bottom, and click Log out.

Log into the correct Facebook account

Next, follow the steps on screen to log in to the correct Facebook account (the one that holds the page you want to connect to Chalkboard).

If you're not sure which account your Facebook Page is in, you should follow our tips for locating your Facebook Page.

Head back to Chalkboard to connect

Now you're logged into the correct Facebook account, you can go back to the Chalkboard app to connect to Facebook.

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